Is liberalism and leftist thinking a mental disease?
I have come to the conclusion that being a democrat/liberal/leftist is a disease. A cancer of the brain.
These people just don’t think the way normal people with common sense do.
What caused it? I can only make guesses. Maybe it’s all the antidepressant drugs?
These people are bat shit crazy and should be treated for mental disorders. 
It’s like their brains have been re-wired to think the exact opposite of how a normal person does? They just don’t understand right from wrong?

Another thing I have noticed about most people in “Blue” counties and cities can't think for themselves. They are really lazy, have no real life skills, and could not survive in a SHTF situation.

Every single person I know that voted for “Brandon” doesnt know how to use hand tools,
and does not know the difference between antifreeze and windshield washer fluid.

An example is a Liberal person I know had their check engine light come on so they took it to a mechanic. The mechanic tells them “oh you need a whole new transmission and that will be $6,000”
They complained about it, but paid the money anyway without getting a second opinion not knowing they are being taken because they just need a new filter and transmission flush because they drove their car 100,000 miles without doing any maintenance. But again, they don’t want to be bothered with learning how their car really works. All they care about is whether it has heated seats, has WiFi, and the radio is bluetooth compatible.
Or they just buy a new car every 2 years like they do with their cell phone (Gotta keep up with the Joneses and have that new Iphone 15 for $1,000) 

They go to college to get some worthless degree for Liberal arts, Social Engineering, or some kind of BA in bogus administration. And then they can’t find/keep a job or they end up working at Taco Bell, doing door dash, or driving for Uber.

Yet they must buy the most expensive house, car, cell phone, and clothing that they can not afford. Nobody taught these people about real economics or what money really is.

These people have turned the United States into an un-united garbage disposal.
They complain about the environment yet they fill their garbage cans and “recycle bins” with mountains of trash and they leave their crap everywhere.
I watched Seattle go from “The Emerald City” to a crime ridden trash heap full of homeless encampments and drug addicts which the City actually encouraged.

What the hell happened to these poor people? I actually feel sorry for them. I really think they can’t help themselves.  ½ the country is full of them, the other ½ is not. I just don’t understand what caused this?

You can’t talk to them, You can’t reason with them.
They are overly emotional and don’t have any control over themselves and they can’t even explain to you why they think the way they do? The “entitlement” of these people goes beyond comprehension. 

Reparations, The looting and Rioting, Transgenderism, letting criminals roam free, defunding the police, open borders, gun control. I could go on and on. And don’t even get me started on their driving habits. I think they all got their licenses out of a crackerjack box.

They believe everything the media tells them and common sense never kicks in?

They stick together collectively and always use the mob mentality to get what they want because again, they can’t think for themselves.

I just can’t believe how far this country is going to shit and how these people are sinking this country into this bottomless hole. 
Everyday that I read the news, I see endless headlines and stories that show just how mentally Ill these people really are. Driving our country into Debt, our military is in shambles, Patriotism is considered racist and fascist. 

But “Be sure to listen to Fucci and wear your mask and get your boosters” even though we now know they were worthless. When I go into the city I still see people wearing them all over, even when driving their cars alone?

I heard the stupidest thing last weekend, I went to a family birthday party and my stepfather's sister was the organizer (who is also a retired Dr from California) She said my older brother was not invited because he isn't vaccinated? Still they have this BS burned into their brains even though it’s been proven to not make any difference.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the smart phones, Wifi, the internet or some balloon or satellite up in orbit shooting down brain stupidity rays or all of the above?

I know most of us here are just fine. But maybe those radio signals affect some people in one way, and others in another? Maybe it’s the high concentration in large cities that is causing people to go stupid?

All I know is that when I grew up in the 80’s-90’s people were nowhere as stupid as they are now?

It’s got to be something in the Air, Water, food or something else in the environment that has caused people in large cities to become so stupid and idiodic?

Rant over, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

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This might not be popular, but I think the problem is too many single mother households, for the most part.
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Most of my relatives are liberals, trying to talk sense into them is futile, I have better luck talking to a tree or my cat.  Facepalm Chuckle
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Welcome @PathfinderTango how you doing? 

Some people embraced big pharma to change nature whereas I listened to Jesus and embraced nature to improve the change. The heavenly Father said, "This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased". 18.1.2020. 
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Sorry for laughing at your question, I spat my beer out actually!  Chuckle

I think we may have dismissed the subject re - MK Brainwashing, maybe there is more to it?
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This is a group Mental Disease...more like a cult of "Decision"....

They "GET OFF" on the "Decision".....

Great Post...Been thinking about it for an hour.....
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(03-17-2023, 11:26 AM)Wingsprint Wrote: This is a group Mental Disease...more like a cult of "Decision"....

They "GET OFF" on the "Decision"......ya see...??????

Great Post...Been thinking about it for an hour.....
Group think vs Free thinking
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HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY BOY IS BACK! Heartflowers Drinks

I LOVE YOU MAN...........

MISS YA A TONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I missed you so much my boy...

My dear ol' friend..... Welcome back after so many years.
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