Happy St Patrick's Day !
(03-18-2023, 03:25 AM)Gold Mule Wrote: Happy great days ahead folks ... may good surround you in everything you do ... god bless one an all ... 

one cannot leave St Pat's without this a play'in ...

 Here be the older version i thinks is a wee bit better @molson if ya is around 

Be Good ... Be You ... Be Well
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(03-18-2023, 02:49 AM)Gold Mule Wrote:
(03-18-2023, 01:40 AM)counterintelligence Wrote:
(03-18-2023, 01:35 AM)Gold Mule Wrote:  I suspect she may get an invite ... are you showing Up ?
No reason for me to be at an AA meeting.
 Are you sure you would not like to attend? some very influencial people show up at gatherings I attend ... but you are correct ... there is no reason for you to attend you would have a very difficult time trying to fit in ... with that big attitude of yours and superior feeling you have of yourself ... not a chance you could ever get off your chair ... remember something of life ... just a heads up ... next time you get almighty in your wee little room ... do yourself a favor and try to understand your attitude will insure that you always stay where you are ... i for one am not going to worry ... actually it is disgusting that you have to tread on AA ... really you do that just to make a post and be important ... 

Here is reality just for you ... I spend much money and time helping people anyway i can ... i have spoke at AA meetings and at universities around the world because i have knlowege that i give freely to people... i enjoy you calling me an alcoholic ... it renews my confidence that people like you of lessor intellect also get an opportunity to express themselves ... your type tend to make up your opinions without realing knowing what is true...  i suspect that you get very limited opportunity to do so in day to day life ...
Obviously they were making a speech at an AA meeting, but this was just someone I ran into in parking lot somewhere not where an AA meeting was actually taking place.
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It's never too late to include Enya! She was once the #1 top selling female artist in the world.

The mission is to increase the world's bliss by 25% by raising yours and mine 1,000%. Then we double it.

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What was the big idea they put a pink elephants scene in the Dumbo disney cartoon movie?
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