Γ  O R I T - B   C O D E X the fall of the Cabal
How easily can an institution of healing be repurposed as an instrument of mass slaughter?
Change one dose.
Add one ingredient.
Skew a “recommendation” that millions will blindly follow.
Do you trust the chemists adding ingredients?
What is their track record like?
Why grant a duplicitous corporation carte blanch to put whatever it wants into your body?
Why do people still smoke?
Why do people still drink Coke and Pepsi?
Are you trying to self-terminate?
Or are you voluntarily offering your free will to corporate parasites.
They won’t hesitate to devour your loosh.
Their gain will be your detriment.
Your decision is your consent.
Purge the leeches.

What is toxic energy?
What vibration are you anchoring?
Is your body not effectively functioning as an energy portal in whatever space you happen to occupy?
What energy are you bringing through?
Are you listening, or are you endlessly talking.
Are you thinking for yourself, or are you regurgitating a stream of propaganda.
Are you a troll?
What are you creating?
Are we all not creators to some extent?
Are you letting an Archon control you?
Can you be an agent of the Cabal and not even realize it?
Are you “unplugged” so to speak, or are you still stuck in the Matrix.

What is your level of conscious awareness?
Are you putting the mind altering poisons of Pharaoh into your body?
Do you think that’s cannabis you’re smoking?
Whose garden grows the tree of vape juice?
Are you controlled by stimulants?
Are you religious?
Are you religiously against the conscious application of proper stimulants?
Where do you draw the line?
How do you objectively identify harm from benefit?
How do you objectively identify toxic energy from healing.
Consult your higher self on the regular.
Are you trying to heal others?
Are you on a philanthropic mission?
Are you ready to do the inner work to start healing the world around you?

5.26 - 5.27

What is the Alliance?
Are you tracking the victories that are being won on the global stage?
How many countries have flipped in the past 4 years?
How many have joined the Alliance?
How many countries are witnessing “nationalist” revivals.
Realize this movement has been labeled “nationalist” with the nefarious intent of discrediting it, and associating it with evil.
Are you tracking the political trends on every continent?
Australia has fallen from the hands of the Cabal.
The EU may be on the brink.
Ever since Trump won America, the Alliance was set forth on an unstoppable trajectory.
By many indications, America has allied with Russia to herald a New Tartarian Golden Age.
Trump, Putin and Xi comprise an anti-NWO trinity.
What will the alternative be?
The Cabal may be doomed, but it is no time to become complacent.
AMENDED: 8.19.19 : A.145

Truth spreads like fire in a dry thicket of lies.
Do you see the yellow vests spreading across Europe?
Do you see the people standing up against tyranny?
What strongholds does the Cabal have left?

New Zealand? Brussels? France?
They are trembling on the brink of implosion.
They know their best hope is to burrow and hide.
The surface war will be won by the People.
In America, the Cabal has lost the seat of power.
All they have left in their pocket are a handful of urban epicenters.
We have them surrounded.
When does Vatican City fall?
Saving Israel for last for a good reason.
Think Temple. Think Prophesy.
The Beast system is being vanquished before our eyes.
Nothing can stop what is coming.
AMENDED: 8.19.19 : A.145

This is an ideological battle we are fighting.
It’s not really about “nationalism” v. “globalism.”
It’s about truth verses lies.
It’s about being informed verses being ignorant.
This movement is not innately against a globally united civilization.
We simply acknowledge that if you build a global institution out of corrupted components, you end up with a global disaster; living in a global prison.
Instead, we are fixing the individual components, each individual state, before even considering unification.
We are witnessing a political shift on par with the aftermath of a World War,
Carried out in relative peace in the homelands of the countries involved.

Although the world continues to endure proxy wars and sporadic false flags,
The blowback of clandestine operations,
At the end of the day, these unfortunate “last hurrahs” result in fewer casualties than full on State implosion,
or Civil War.
The War Machine, which runs on mind-control as fuel, is starting to sputter.
The democratic process and constitutional republic were conceived to work exactly this way.
It has only been through corruption and lies that this process has been subverted in the past.
A bloodless revolution can be a beautiful thing.
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Vengeance v. Rehabilitation.
Competition v. Cooperation.
Battle is a Ritual.
What are the rules of engagement?
What are the rules of a game?
Do professional sports not simulate an endless civil war between city states?
What benefit do you get out of an ephemeral victory in a simulated battle against your neighbor?
Is there not always another season?
Does it really matter how long you reign as champion?
What is a distraction? Bread & Circus
What do you get when you combine that with binge drinking?
Brain damage.
Why don’t we have “World’s Fairs” anymore?
Did our world stop making progress?
What if instead of using our arenas to simulate fruitless battles, people got together to collaborate.
How can we help you? How can you help us?
They wanted us weak.
They wanted us divided.
United we are unstoppable.
Imagine what could be built if people let go of their competitive programming and started working together.

Is retreat a dishonorable tactic?
If your house is on fire, is it a good idea to stay inside?
What if you retreat to fetch a bigger sword to slay your enemy?
What if the battle you are facing presents insurmountable odds.
Is it not arrogance that leads armies into battles they have no chance of winning?
Is it dishonorable to retreat in order to protect your children?
Could you not launch a more effective campaign from a safer position?
Would it not behoove you to regroup and gather your strength at times?
In some circumstances, it may be advantageous to be an “insider,” to launch an assault from within a castle’s walls.
But is it not safer to destroy your enemy from outside of their attack range.
A trebuchet is a marvel of science and engineering.
There is no shame in retreating from a few battles if you win the war in the end.

Is your state instituting mandatory vaccinations?
Does your child require vaccinations to go to school?
What are they learning in school that’s so important anyways?
A course in slave indoctrination?
A host of lies about history designed to turn them into a servent of the NWO.
Are you distraught about your city being converted into a microwave oven?
Do you complain every day about chemtrails?
There are no chemtrails here my friends.
Do you want to whine while you march steadily into enemy fire,
Or do you possess the wisdom to restrategize.

Cities are the playgrounds of the Cabal.
Experimentation tanks.
Herd mentality is strongest there.
Sunny California.
A country within a country,
Serving as the mind control bureau of the NWO.
Is the surfing and recreational cannabis worth enduring vaccine mandates, constant cloud seeding, DEW controlled burns…
Waves of radiation from Fukushima crashing daily.
Be tactful.  Be proactive.
Think logically.
Fight or Flight.
What do u do when the fur starts flying?
Dodge a bullet,
If you can.

“This is my body, eat of it.”
“This is my blood, drink of it.”
Why is cannibalism an integral facet of Catholicism?
Most Catholics now understand communion to be symbolic.
Was this always so?
Was communion taken literally in the past?
Did people in the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages have the capacity to question what they were being told by the Church?
Would consuming the blood of God impart immortality, or at least longevity upon the recipient?
Was going to church akin to going a holistic doctor.
Is blood a superfood?
What happens to all the blood from all the cows we slaughter every day in modern factory farms?
Doesn’t it seem like there would be rivers turning red from all the wastage?
Where are the missing rivers of blood going?
Who runs the Cult of Hades?

Why Baphomet?
Why is the image of Baphomet so prevalent in modern culture.
Who was Éliphas Lévi?
How do you personify heresy in a image,
And strike fear into the hearts of Christians at the same time?
Was Baphomet truly the God of the Templars?
Were the Templars created by the Catholic Church, or did they form independantly?
Did the Templars take orders from the Pope durring the Crusades?
Define “free for all.” Define “melee.”
How are Templars associated with Gnosticism.
Is Baphomet mentioned once in the Nag Hammati scriptures?
Did the Templars become too powerful for the liking of a certain French King?
How do you drag a name through the mud.
Make false accusations.
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Is creativity what makes you human?
Is creativity what makes you intelligent?
Is being “book smart” a good thing?
When are you most creative?
Why create anything when you can just buy it off of Amazon.
Do most professions require you to be creative?
Is our conception of education not the antithesis of creativity?
Are you ready to “unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow?”

If we have 3D printers, why are we not using them to build homes for the homeless?
Why does it seem like 3D printers are only being used to make desktop ornaments?
If we can 3D print a replica of the Arch of Baal out of marble, why can’t we print something useful for anyone other than dark occultists?
Why aren’t we printing cities?
Why not print a mothership?
Why not print a planet?
You’ve been trained to low-ball human potential.
You’ve been programmed to expect scarcity.
Expect abundance.

What is biosynthesis?
If we can 3D print in plastic or marble, can we print in biological tissue?
In fact we can.  It’s being developed.
But why does it seem like the developments on the forefront of science never seem to make it to the consumer market.
Certain things we’ve read about in science journals for decades.
There seems to be a wall blocking inventions that would yield too much progress for humanity.
We’ve been hearing about holograms for how long now?
Why do holograms still seem to be reserved exclusively for Disneyworld?
How many patents have been shelved due to “National Security.”
We wouldn’t want to disrupt the status quo!
The amount of technology withheld in blocked patents, national security restrictions, and black projects is unfathomable.
Imagine all the water held back behind Hoover Dam.
Even the technology used to build Hoover Dam in the 1930’s seems to have been lost, repressed, or underdeveloped.

Think of the cost to build a concrete megastructure today.
Is affordability part of the technology needed to execute a project.
How did the economy at the turn of the century support more lavish endeavors than our economy can support today?
How has the economic structure changed?
How much technical skill has been lost over the years?
Most liberal cities can’t even repair the pot holes in their roads.
Is there nothing better we could be building roads out of?
How are some roads from the Roman Empire in better shape today than some roads in America?
Imagine what we could build if we unleashed our full potential.
We are the creator Gods of legend.

Will we even need roads when we unlock the full potential of technology?
Think of the environmental destruction that could be averted.
Freeways are a deathtrap for wildlife, an anathema to the ecosystem.
How many modern marvels are really just serving as ball and chain for humanity?
Roads and powerlines quite literally keep us trapped in the Matrix.
The prison wardens of Earth did not plan it this way by accident.
Free energy and free range of motion are not privileges you grant to a slave.
What is an invisible fence?
Do you want to find out what it feels like to get shocked?
Fear not friends.
Pandora’s box has been opened.
Their key mechanism of control is the control they exert over your mind and your beliefs.
If you do not believe that better things are possible, you’ll have no ambition to covet them.
We are here to unlock your mind to the endless realm of possibility.

What is an attachment?
What is a dark spirit?
Why do people fear the paranormal?
How do you write off the paranormal as pseudo science when there is a mountain of evidence, and personal testimony, suggesting there is some validity to these claims.
Is an attachment the same thing as an archon?
Is an archon the same thing as a demon?
What is possession?
Can someone be intermittently possessed?
How do you clear out negative spirits?
Step one is to recognize and acknowledge them.
If you deny the existence of the paranormal world, you render yourself defenseless.
You leave your backdoor open to intruders.
Denial of the dark realm’s presence will only fuel your fear of it.
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We fear what we do not understand.
What do you do when a unwelcome entity is intruding in your space?
Make your intention clear.
Confront it head on.
Running and allowing it to frighten you will only prolong the problem.
The worst thing these entities can do is instill fear in you.
Possibly scare you to death.
Non-physical beings cannot manipulate the physical world unless they do so through a physical host.
There may be some rare exceptions,
But generally it boils down to your will verses theirs.
You have the power to transmute the negative energies.
Direct them back to Source.

Confront your demons.
If you are overwhelmed, do not be afraid to seek help.
Shamans and energy workers deal with attachments all the time.
Enlist the help of angels if need be.
Get in the habit of practicing regular energy maintenance.
Clear out the negative entities, and stand in your light.
It’s really a battle of willpower.
Do you want to be a host to a parasite?
Defend yourself.
Brutally, if need be.
Don’t be afraid to rip a demon’s head off its shoulders.
Make a statement.  Stand your ground.
Be fearless.

What is a fallen angel?
What was Lucifer’s Rebellion?
What will become of all the people who believe that all aliens are fallen angels.
Or worse yet, demons.
If all aliens were demons, could you call a good angel by any other name?
Religious debates over semantics are a shortcut to nowhere.
After you fall, can you ever rise back up again?
Have you ever heard the expression about dusting yourself off and trying again?
Do dogmatic beliefs about eternal hellfire and damnation hold any weight in reality?
Can a pedophile priest who has raped hundreds of children repent on his death bed and still be admitted into heaven?
Does God’s door policy, as taught by the Catholic Church, make a shred of sense??

If there are other worlds, or other realms beyond what we know, would beings there be correct if they labeled us as “fallen angels?”
Christian exo-phobia may be the racism of the Space Force age.
What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
What is actually a fallen angel? (If not all ETs)
The Djinn,
Disembodied entities bearing negative polarity.
These beings may not be “real” in the sense that they can be touched, but can they still influence our physical reality?
Have fallen angels been running the show on Earth for the better part of the last 5000 years?
Are we due for a purge?
Time’s up.

Do you think that Zionism is the driving ideology behind the bloodshed in the war-torn Levant.
The idea of Israel holding America’s leash is nothing more than a poorly constructed meme.
Fodder for political cartoons, and Neo-Nazis.
America is the attack dog of the Beast of Banking.
Israel is a ham hock in a bear-trap.
The Jewish people have been oppressed, falsely accused, used as scapegoats, human shields, and court factors for nearly 2000 years.
The Jewish elite are a different story.
As are the elite of any people.
Was Judaism a Babylonian psyop from the beginning?
Crowd control.
Who was Ezra?  Who did he work for?
Cyrus the Great?

Where was the idea of Zionism first hatched?
The First Zionist Congress?
Where did that just happen to take place?
Basel Switzerland.
Are you surprised?
A region famed for plotting invasions of Jerusalem hosts a congress of non-natives to…
Retake Jerusalem!
Isn’t that convenient.
Were these Zionists under duress, acting on the Templars’ behalf?
What is Sion of the Alps?
What is a Court Factor?
How do you use a Court Factor as a siege engine?
How many Crusades were there?
Too many to count.
Ongoing operations.
What does “Deus Vult” mean?
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Would you want to live in Israel?
Would you want to live surrounded by enemies, with rockets buzzing over your head?
Jews and Muslims have both been misled.
What began as ritual human sacrifice to Baal evolved into ritual battles for the Holy Land.
What was once considered chivalry in ritual battle has devolved into launching rockets at civilians, and false flag terrorism.
Spilling the blood of the innocent in the Levant, and in the castle dungeons of Europe alike.
Where is the Satanic Triangle?
Know where the true power emanates from.
Know thy enemy.
Do not be deceived.

What is a conspiracy theory?
Critical thinking. Questioning. Logical extrapolation.
What is religion?
Rigid dogmatic belief.
Forcing perception of reality to fit within a preconceived architecture.
What happens when you blend religion and conspiracy theory together?
Doomsday predictions.
Flat Earth.
Aliens = Demons.
Incoherent proofs.
Proofs that make sense given selected points of reference but fail to comprehend the full picture.
If you are coming to the table with bias, expecting what you discover to fall within immobile parameters,
You set yourself up to fall into a trap of anti-logic.

What is the point of a proof?
What is the point of cross-referencing claims?
Does Asset no.145 cross-reference the claims that come through Märma’s transmissions?
These are questions for a reason.
Do we know all the answers?
The first sign of a charlatan is speaking in absolute certainties.
Fleets massing in the Kuiper belt.
Histories of distant star systems.
Triangle Heads.
Anything is worthy of an investigation, but what do you do when there is no soil to dig through?
Why was the ending of ‘Contact’ so unsatisfying?
If there’s no proof, is a story real?
Can you trust a storyteller?

A subjective experience can certainly be real without a shred of evidence to document it.
But how should that experience be interpreted by others?
How much weight should that experience hold in the public record?
Is consensus necessary to ratify history?
“History is a lie, agreed upon,” said Napoleon.
It is the mission of the truth seeker to dispel lies, but the waters of Time are treacherously murky.
Drain the Swamp.
At the end of the day, history is a belief much like religion.
The difference is understanding you might be wrong.

Are you late for work?
Are you afraid you’re going to miss your flight?
Who has imposed the tyranny of Time on humanity?
Think of how unnatural this concept is to every other animal on Earth.
Do birds check their watches constantly?
Is that a Swiss watch you’re wearing?
Synchronized Swimming.
How do you synchronize an army?
Is time, like modern medicine, and all our most advanced technologies, a fruit of War?
Can humanity ever pull its head out of its Templar helmet?

Is 9 to 5 a good idea?
Is “rush hour” a practical use of time?
Who makes $5,000.00 watches?
Who makes iron shackles?
Who is late for an important date?
Is there time in Wonderland?
Have humanities greatest achievements been achieved by synchronizing the collective, or allowing individual creativity to flourish?
What is the point of an invention if you don’t have a factory to produce it?
Is enslavement required to achieve progress?
Is that not a hoplessly demiurgic way of thinking.
What is a union? What is a collective?
Why can’t work be fun?
Why can’t we get back to whistling while we work without a slave master whipping our backs.
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What does money accomplish?
How does it factor into the situation at the workplace?
When you impose the necessity of money, and make it as scarce as possible, does that change the nature work from pleasure to toil?
Does that not take out all the fun.
There was a time when we built things that were ornate.
We considered beauty as part of the functionality.
It was not cost prohibitive to add some decorations to the fruits of our labor.
What changed in the 20th century?
We created the FED and the income tax, and saw the abundance of the world transform into scarcity.
In any object, can you see if it was created in a state of love or in a state of misery?
When did craftsmanship die?

Do most people take pride in their work anymore?
Or do they just want to make it through the day,
Or week,
Or lifetime,
So they can go home and watch dross on TV,
And get loaded.
Take a step back and look at the sad state of humanity.
Divine beings were not meant to live like this.
We could do so much better, and it seems like we have before in the past.
Some artisans do still take pride in their work, but on a whole,
Where profits take priority over craftsmanship,
Where big box stores bulldoze all local competition,
Where CEO’s and the 1% totally neglect to feel empathy for the souls they employ,
What do we see as a result?
Urban decay.

120 p
How do psychoactive substances relate to the Great Awakening?
Why is cannabis relevant?
Why is psilocybin relevant?
Why is DMT relevant?
How will the progressive legalization of cannabis and psilocybin affect the collective consciousness?
How will the explosion of DMT use, and ceremonial Ayahuasca affect the collective consciousness?
Could the introduction of these substances redirect the course of humanity?
Why did God give man endocannabinoid receptors if cannabis is the Devil’s Lettuce?
Does cannabis interfere with mind control?

The truth of the matter is…
There is no red-pill.
There is no pill or substance that can substitute for the research, and innerwork required to achieve the state of “woke.”
Any of the aforementioned substances can be abused.
Any of the aforementioned substances can be used constructively.
How can you be a psychonaut without your mind turning into jello.
The difference between medicine and poison comes down to the dosage.
Why are alcohol, cocaine, and heroin the drugs of choice of the New World Order.
What is the recipe for a subdued population, and an egomaniac elite?
What is the point of the US occupying Afghanistan?
What were the Opium Wars?
Who is protecting the fields of poppies?
Where is Emerald City?

What was the real purpose of Prohibition?
Social experimentation.
Should the government dictate what we put in our bodies?
“My body, my choice.”
Do you have a birth certificate?
You are the legal property of a corporation.
What was Unum Sanctum 1302?
If the Vatican claims ownership over your soul, are you required to comply?
Are you required to attend Mass?
Laws written on paper are among the greatest fictions composed by man.
A law is only as powerful as a people’s willingness to comply, and an authority’s ability to enforce it.
Where is Defiance?

Beloved Anons,
Go forth with the renewed conviction of 1000 Crusades and spread your knowledge like your life depends on it.
Lives do depend on it.
Children’s lives, and wise elders alike.
Tell your neighbor.
Tell the locals.
Tell people near, and tell people far.
Truth resonates with all, regardless of language, age, ethnicity, or any other trivial attribute of the 3D world that harbors the divine souls each of us truly are.

Go forth and light the world on fire with the white hot flames of truth.
Shine the violet beam of wisdom into the darkest corner of Hell.
Ink the truth into the skin of your existence.
Once you’re up, you’re up.
Once you’re woke, there is no turning back.
Evel Knievel.
Humanity is collectively mid-ramp on a death jump.
All in.
All aboard?
It’s up to us to finish this.
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When the souls of Earth know the truth,
This truth, or their own,
When they rekindle the passion to seek truth for themselves,
Instead of wallowing in delusion,
Being spoon-fed a diet of lies,
When this happens,
New Earth will have arrived.
Dawn of the Golden Age.

Nothing can stop what is coming.
Not a church, or an agency, or a president can stop the will of the collective.
All we lack next to them is cohesion and organization.
As humanity awakens to its dormant psychic abilities,
Repressed by those same dark factions,
There will be no way to hold back the water,
No way to stop the avalanche of truth crashing down,
Burying the prison for souls they have built.
Smash your shackles.
Get up off your knees.

Light your sword alfame to slay your greatest enemy.
Lord Archon.  The masked deceiver.
The great persecutor of humanity.
The father of torture and genocide.
The inventor of poison, who has poisoned Gaia and her children.
How long did they think they could get away with it?
They had us on a collective suicide timeline.
Nothing would have survived on this planet.
Think Maldek.
Think Mars.
Locust pillaging one world to the next.
Leaving a wake of scattered bones and trauma.
A wake of catacombs, skulls stacked to the ceiling.
Thank you Vatican.

“It should not have been created.”
Why build an atom bomb?
Why build a trebuchet?
Why tamper with black holes under Lake Geneva?
Why sacrifice beautiful cities to fire in order to reverse the progress of humanity?
“We live in castles.
You live in shackles.”
The philosophy of true psychopathy.
Let their Era end now.

When we work together instead of subjugating one another our potential increases exponentially.
Who can really understand the full picture in complete technical accuracy.
Take the greatest expert of law, and ask him to code a website.
He is useless.
Take the greatest computer scientist, and ask her to paint a fresco.
It won’t be so nice to look at.
No one man can do it all.
Take all these experts and connoisseurs of various fields and form an Alliance.
What do you get?
What went wrong?
Overrunning by Dark Occultists.
Good men, and good intentions, flipped upside down.
Why not lift the old fallen pillar, and set it back upright again?
Watch the worms and critters scramble
As the light of truth hits them for the first time in 100 years.

The 20th Century: The Petro Dark Age.
Look at the rare video footage from 1910.
People were composed to such a high degree, compared to today.
People stood perfectly upright,
Chakras aligned,
Wore tailored suits and top hats,
All matching.
All this technology today, and people can barely manage to roll into Walmart in T-shirts and sweatpants.
What was Ladies’ Mile?
What were World’s Fairs?
We used to build cities for expos.
Now it’s a struggle to even get anything repaired.
It’s almost as if someone removed a circuit from the motherboard of humanity.
An important circuit at that.
Prepare for humanity to be restored.
Are you ready to operate at full processing power?
Are you ready to access full potential?
Are you ready to build cathedrals of Truth in space?
Buckle up.
Standby for launch.
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What is sovereignty?
What does it mean to be sovereign?
What is the Magna Carta?
What is the Declaration of Independence?
How is the Declaration of Independence connected to the Q narrative?
Saint Germain.
John Adams.
John Quincy Adams.
What does it mean to be free?
Is freedom just a fanciful idea, or is it truly achievable?
Is freedom a pipe dream?
It is one thing to write down what the idea of freedom means, and quite another to enact it through the bureaucracies of government.
If everyone was totally free and independent, how would they work together?
How would the chips land on the board?
How would the pieces of a puzzle fit together if every piece declared its edges free and sovereign.
Cooperation necessary.

If freedom can be understood for an individual, how do you scale it to apply to a collective?
Agree on shared values.
Inherently, freedom for a collective must be a continual work in progress.
As soon as you lay down a rule, the purity of your freedom is reduced.
If you agree by that rule, it’s not a problem.
How do you get everyone to agree on anything?
How do you circumvent tyranny of the majority?
What is an Electoral College?
House and Senate.
Is the American way of government perfect?
Far from it.
The greater the bureaucracy, the greater the risk of inefficiency.
Mountains of paperwork for every individual.
Junk mail.
How do we streamline?
How do we cut out all the unnecessary middle men who only exist as gatekeepers to line their own coffers.
Back to the basics.

How many times has the Constitution been defiled since its inception?
It was never even perfect to begin with.
Two steps forward, one step back.
Do you have the humility to admit you may have been wrong?
Do you have the constitution to question the Constitution?
Do you have the audacity to question the Bible?
Are you an obedient Roman serf?
Every time humanity is given a helping hand from a higher power, vultures sweep in to twist the guidance into serving their own agenda.
Identify those who are only in it for themselves, and not in service to the collective.
Who is a team player, verses who just wants to dominate.
We don’t want service-to-self Satanists on our team.
Unfortunately, that is exactly who has been running the world.
Time to wise up.
Confront the troublemakers head on.

How do you invoke 5D consciousness?
Is 5D consciousness a state that can be achieved personally by an individual, or is it something we’ll all arrive at together as a collective?
Are some of us already there?
Is the world of 5D a threshold you pass and never look back, or is it woven into the 3D world like a braid, free to come and go at will?
Is it about letting go of all notions of violence and hatred?
Is it about tapping into your latent psychic potentiality?
Is it about wielding the power of love like a sword to slay fear wherever you go, or is that going back to violence?
Is it about making yourself oblivious to the world of fear so many remain trapped in, and simply doing your own thing?
Is it about simply detaching from what most people call the “real world” and living in a creation of your own paradise?

Can someone who thinks they’re living in 5D paradise be shocked back into 3D by war, or famine, or any other natural cataclysm?
Is 5D a set of keys you get handed, after which you are free to come and go as you please?
Will we all go 5D after a Great Solar Flash?
Has the Great Solar Flash already happened?
Did we miss it?
Are its effects still being absorbed in a delayed response?
Is 5D growing slowly like vines over the walls of a fortress?
Perhaps time will tell.
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Is there any harm in imagining what it will be like in 5D?
Is there any harm in consciously trying to improve yourself, and the world around you, to shift your reality closer to 5D?
Do you believe in higher beings, between Man and God?
Do Ascended Masters intervene in Earthly affairs to lend humanity a helping hand?
Where has Jesus been for the past 2000 years?
How has his eternal soul been occupied all this time?
How can anyone believe there is no being greater than man, but lesser than God, the All Powerful Creator?
Superiority complex?
“Aliens are Demons” they say?
Look at what humans have done to each other and to the planet, and ask yourself honestly,
“Who is demonic?”

Demons walk among us.
They wear miter hats and business suits.
How quickly people forget that the organization responsible for delivering their conception of God was also responsible for the Inquisition.
They forged the most sickening instruments of torture conceivable to bestow misery on anyone that questioned them, or got in their way.
The road to 5D is not through the doors of St. Peter’s Basilica or any institution derived from the same doctrine.

The road to 5D is through gnosis, the study of all religions and the objective study of religion as a concept in and of itself.
Nag Hammadi.
Dead Sea Scrolls.
Religion that has been buried, brought to light.
Religion deemed so dangerous to the powers that be, that it needed to be stamped out, and its history erased entirely.
There is a place for religion in 5D, but it resembles an all-knowingness which would be impossible to contain in any book of finite volume.
Can you imagine a religion whose holy book never ends?
A self propagating codex capable of adaptation to the ever fluctuating circumstances of existence.
An endless fractal of divine guidance.
Combine every religion that has ever existed on Earth and you will be close.
There you may find 5D.

(symbol images: fleur-de-lis, chaos star, swastica, cross, peace sign, life rune, aton wings, aton square, Boy love traingle spiral, pyramid with floating cap)

What does a symbol represent?
Can’t one symbol have multiple interpretations?
Why have dark Luciferians taken practically every symbol and applied their own twisted meaning to it.
Do demons fear crosses?
Why would they fear crosses when some of the worst blood-drinking pedophile rapists live and work in the house of God.
What does the Fleur-de-Lis actually signify?
Ask most Americans, and it really only signifies “fancy.”
Is this an affordable way for peasants to make-believe they are nobility?
Why emulate the French monarchy?
Follow the Merovingian bloodline.

What is a sigil?
Do you realize you are being inundated with carefully crafted sigil magic every day, every time you see branding.
What is the context? What is the subtext?
Why is the Aton such a common ornamental element in classical architecture?
What is the difference between worshiping the Sun and worshiping the Son?
Is the Vatican anything more than a rebranding of the solar cult of Pharaoh?
Did Adam come from Eden?
Did Eden come from Aton?

Why is the symbol of the KKK    essentially a Swiss flag with a drop of blood on it?
Who started the KKK?
Who is arguably the most evil man in American history?
Who infected American Masonry with Luciferian Illuminism?
How is the Templar cross, the Nazi Iron Cross, and the Surfer’s Cross (popular among Baby Boomers) all the exact same symbol, and yet no one notices?
Does the Surfer’s Cross represent Project Paperclip?
If people would learn to interpret symbols, they would understand much better where alliances truly exist.
How can a symbol be reclaimed once it’s been corrupted?
A symbol is nothing more than a vessel of the intent put into its creation.

(pyramid, Swiss Pharaoh, maltese cross, one ‘V’ of maltese cross, Y, Baphomet pentacle)
What is the shape of a serpent’s tongue?
What is the symbol of the Tribe of Dan?
What happened on Malta?
What happened on Cyprus?
What is Y symbolism all about?
What is Owl symbolism all about?
Moloch?  …or Minerva.
Is there really anything innately evil about a goat?
A Jew may slaughter a lamb in the spirit of worship.
Why was it a sin to worship the Golden Calf?
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Who is Pan?
A horned and hoofed deity of Ancient Greece.
What is a fertility rite?
What is horney goat weed?
Is Baphomet really anything to fear?
Is Baphomet anything more than a political cartoon symbolizing heresy?
Are you afraid of a cartoon?
What is a smear campaign?
Think Russia collusion delusion.
Think projection.
Were Templars worshiping Baphomet, or was Pope Pius worshiping Saturn.

How did Baphomet evolve from the Goat of Mendes?
What do the rams flanking the entrance to the Temple of Karnak represent?
Why recreate them at the Luxor in Vegas?
Who stands against love & fertility?
Who preaches that men are born as sinful, carnal beasts, deserving of hellfire if they do not repent, and bow before the throne of the Great Vicar, chief magistrate of the Lord.
Can a solar cult also be a death cult?
Can two cults combine to form a super-cult?
What lengths did the Flavians go to to preserve their Empire?
Did they make a deal with their enemies?
Emperor Titus. Queen Bernice. King Harod. Alexander of Philo.
Important figures in history, not widely studied today.
Certainly not subjects taught in Sunday school.
How did Christianity originate?
Is it heresy to ask?

How does a fertility deity’s reputation devolve to later represent pure evil?
How does religion transform from a celebration of life and love into a scolding tirade against sin and heresy, with threats of eternal punishment?
Was the Reformation a step in the right direction?
What is the next step?
Most Christians understand the teachings of Jesus to be based in Love.
Love thy neighbor. Turn the other cheek.
The Vatican has embodied the diametric opposite.
Kill all heretics.
Although society has become more civilized since the Middle Ages, this mindset still remains in the form of racism, sexism, intolerance, homophobia, and above all, superiority complex.
Refer back to Jesus / Kristna / Sananda.
You will achieve “enlightenment” eventually.
It’s a long process.
It’s a long process deprogramming the collective consciousness.

History is a complex knot of lies.
The written records tell a different story than our history books.
How easy is it to lie by omission?
Keep digging Anons.

What is a thorn?
What is a Venus Fly Trap?
Who is the Lord of Flys?
How does a thorn evolve into a military industrial complex?
What do u do once it’s gone too far?
Reign it back in.
Who is Beezlebub?

Why do people still drink Coca-Cola?
Why do people still eat McDonalds?
Why do people dump toxic waste into the temples of their bodies?
Why do people allow hatred to harbor in their minds?
If everything is connected, to hate something outside of yourself is really to hate a part of yourself.
How has the dogma of Heaven and Hell instilled a deep profound shame in the collective consciousness?
What is the point of hating your brethren?
Hatred is the precursor to violence.
If you encounter someone or something that is out of alignment with what you perceive as righteous, is it constructive to throw hate at it?
Would it not be more constructive to try to help that which is in misalignment return into alignment.
Do you consider the possibility that it may be you who is in misalignment, and not the object of your grievance.
Self analysis is a key asset in the tool-kit of the enlightened individual.
If you hate someone for who they love, who is really in misalignment?
Define humility.
Define arrogance.
Define certitude.
What can we really be certain of in this mess of quantum entanglement and temporal anomalies we perceive as reality?
You think there is an end to the story, but there is no end.
How do you serve justice in the spirit of Love.
Who propagated the ideology, “An eye for an eye.”
What does punishment accomplish?
If we are honest with ourselves, punishment only brings us down to the same level of he who has sinned.
Think rehabilitation instead.
Think exorcism instead of witch trial.
Where did the idea of the witch trial originate?
No surprise.
We implore you to release your hatred and self destructive habits for your own benefit.
You will feel better once you do.
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