Γ  O R I T - B   C O D E X the fall of the Cabal
What is built in the spirit of hatred?
Wars, instruments of torture, campaigns of evil.
What is built in the spirit of greed?
Banks, deceptions, spam.
What is built in the spirit of love?
Towers, art, objects of beauty.
What is built in the spirit of enlightenment?
Electricity, star fleets, portals.
What are you trying to build?

What is the role of degenerate art in society?
How do we avoid a sterile future dystopia where violence is so alien that people become weak and passive.
Is it our goal to eradicate evil completely, or is it our goal to achieve a state of balance / harmony / equilibrium / homeostasis.
With no dark there is no parameter by which to measure light by.
Without a perceived challenge, we lose sight of the purpose of existence.
Is too much love and light dangerously intoxicating?
The New Age notions of “love and light,” and “unconditional love” may seem well intended, but ultimately create an imbalance if implemented.
A space of pure limitless light is in essence a New Age prison.
Balance is what must be sought.
There must be an outlet for evil in even the most benevolent, well-meaning, well-planned, harmonious society.
Think nightlight.
In pitch black, you’re liable to walk headfirst into a wall.
In pitch white, you’re just as lost.
It must be ‘Ok’ for evil to exist in the form of a simulation.
This is not a foreign concept to you.
Think horror genre.
Is it a sin to enjoy a horror film?
Was anyone hurt in the process of making it?
This is not to say such content should be required viewing.
An enlightened individual may have no desire to introduce images of violence into their psyche, even if only simulated.
Love and Light should ideally be dominant, but there must be a counterweight.
There will always be a counterweight whether you like it or not, unless you return to the void of Chaos.
In the past 100 years on Earth, Darkness and Evil have dominated. (longer depending on how you look at it)
Prepare for things to change.

What is divine guidance?
Is Q God?
Who is worthy to drink from the chalice of Q?
Is Q Source, the Q Gospel, too much of a coincidence to be happenstance?
Was Q anon named after Q Source, or a reincarnation of the same energy.
Why is the presence of God like a magnet for middle men?
Everyone wants a piece of the pie.
People allow green and hunger for fame to motivate them.
What if anyone can commune with Q?
What does WWG1WGA really mean?
Is it just a slogan to rally the troops, or is it technically a coded instruction.

Why has Q been labeled a cult by the MSM?
What constitutes a cult?
What is the Cult of Baal?
Do cults ask their member to dig constantly, and think for themselves?
What does a New Age cult look like?
Heaven’s Gate?
How do you pluck a blue chicken?
How does a cult get infiltrated?
What was the Imperial Cult of Rome?
Why did the Roman Empire fall?
Did it really fall, or did it just transform.
How did the mother of all cults, the Vatican, rise to power?Why is the history of the first millennium so dodgy?
Why do so many people believe in the Bible, while so few people know anything about the history of the first millennium?
Why did Christendom split in 1054.
Why was the 4th Crusade diverted to target Constantinople.
Divide & conquer.

Why is the truth community split on Q anon and DJT?
Why do British truthers seem to be more inclined to denounce Q and DJT.
Who is controlled opposition?
Who is controlled by the crown?  Who is controlled by Mossad?  Who is controlled by the Swiss Beast?  Who is controlled by Lucifer? Who is a Podesta project?  Who is genuine?
Who controls the History Channel?
Who controls Ancient Aliens?
AA has made leaps and strides in waking up humanity to the big picture, but how much of it has been disinfo?
Will GT be remembered as the man who announced the existence of ET life to humanity under the guise of plausible deniability?
“I’m not saying it was aliens, but…”
The AA program cannot be pure darkness or controlled opposition, and cannot be discarded without scrutiny.
Tap into your divine discernment.
Absolve yourself of all bias.
Do not be fooled by pretty faces.
We are in the midst of a war for disclosure.
Some see it as an opportunity to profiteer.
Some want to control the narrative for their own personal gain.
Think Robber Barron.
Some who set out as genuine have married into Wetiko and are now in a precarious position.
Who is an actual researcher, and who is a Hollywood actor.
Who uses ghost writers?  Who has a handler?
Who is a clown? Who is a clone?
Can you trust a clone?
Would you trust some one whose whole existence is born out of deception?
The truth community has never been so divided.
Portions of it seem to be teetering on implosion.
What does a truth vacuum look like?
What is the difference between a line of open ended questions, and radical unprovable claims presented as absolute certitudes.
Be careful who you follow.
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How do noble families keep their wealth within their bloodlines?
What is the point of incest?
Why is it considered an abomination by peasants only?
Is it not Pharaonic tradition for a son to marry his mother?
Do you believe in Adam and Eve?
Do you believe in the Garden of Eden?
If so, is all of humanity not then the product of incest?
Is there scientific data to prove that incest produces a higher rate of genetic mutation than reproducing outside of one’s bloodline?
What is the probability of incest producing a mutant child?
Can’t there be several factors that result in genetic mutations?
Are all genetic mutations bad?
How does a species evolve?
Are Nobles more highly evolved than peasants?
What do you think nobles do with mutant babies?
What is the result of a ritual orgy?
Unwanted pregnancy.
Who worships Baal?
Who gets passed through the fire of Moloch.
We do not claim to be geneticists, but in chemistry, when you mix two substances that are pure, the result does not yield any less purity.
We are not promoting incest, just using logic and making observations.
Would it not be expected of elitists to trick peasants into polluting their own bloodlines, and squandering their wealth?
They want you weak and divided.
What is a clone?
Are you starting to see how the pieces of the puzzle fall together?

What are the symptoms of ascension?
Are you starting to experience them?
Starseeds and those of heightened sensitivity may feel like they’re on a rollercoaster, hurdling up and down between ecstatic bliss and cosmic meltdown.
Keep it together, and stay the corse.
Challenge yourself to dive deeper.
Are you tapping into latent powers you never knew you had?
Are you remembering who you really are?
Meat suit transient.
Are you going to hone your newfound abilities, or are you just going to flail, and panic like a fish out of water.
Is pulling a fish out of water a proper analogy for humans entering into the realms of higher consciousness?
Are we headed into 4D or 5D?
Are you ready to start taking the ascension seriously?
Are you ready to do the leg work to become the best cosmic soldier you can be?
What you are experiencing right now is a bit like galactic boot camp.
The struggle is real.  You are being pushed to your wit’s end.
How does one become a Navy Seal?
How does one join Delta Force?
How does one become an Ascended Master?
Are you ready to embrace the suck?
Are you ready to put on crystalline psychic armor and head into battle?
Are you ready to bathe in the crystal encrusted hot springs, high in the etheric mountains?
Are you ready to be baptized into universal enlightenment at the ruins of the ancient citadel?
Are you ready to open psychic stargates?
Are you ready to step through?
The technology in your mind is more advanced than the technology you hold in your hand.
Smart phones may eventually catch up.
Think book smart verses divine galactic template.
Think what could be possible when you combine nuts & bolts technology with the psychic technology that came built into your meat suit.
We are already starting to reap some of the benefits of this great union.
Do not fear or admonish all technology.
Your technology is already powered by crystals.
It’s only a matter of refining it.
As with anything, there are light and dark aspects to technology.
There are those who have repurposed it to serve their greed.
Do not let them scare you back into the Dark Age.
Assert your own will to determine which technology is serving you, and which is just trying to harvest your time and energy.
Reconnect with the crystal technology Gaia has provided to understand where our silicon based technology is headed.
Are you ready to work with Lemurian seed crystals?
Are you ready to work with Larimar handed down from Atlantis?
Are you ready to work with Astrophyllite, and find out how far you really can astrally project?
The list goes on.
In the world of crystals, the line between “woo” and functionality is totally subjective to the individual.
Are you ready to contemplate the power of Andara?
Why are crystals a psychic’s best friend?
Are humans just raping the Earth, or does Gaia want us to use her jewels to protect her.
What is an armory?
Where is Gaia’s armory?
Armor up.
The forces of evil are not going to wait till you’re ready.
They’ve been winning for the past 5000 years.
It’s time for us to vanquish them.
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What is a citadel?
What is a dark citadel?
What is the Luxor?
Why do they call it Sin City?
Why does the Luxor sit in opposition to Trump Tower on the Vegas Strip, like the towers of Capulet and Montague of Shakespearean legend.
Dark vs. Light.
Black vs. Gold.
Is the Luxor a gate of some kind?
How do you close a portal once it’s open?
Why are they harvesting energy?
Why are they harvesting souls?
Who guards the entrance to the underworld?
What about the criminal underworld?
Can you comprehend how vast the network they’ve built is?
It spans every continent and goes back millennia.
If you cut off the head of a snake, how long does its body keep twitching?
When you’ve surrounded a city with an impenetrable blockade, how long will it take until the city falls?
Is it guaranteed to fall, unless someone else’s army shows up?
Who is going to save the Cabal in America?
No one.
America was the Cabal’s capitol battleship.
It sunk 1.20.2017.
Will Pharaoh come to reclaim his property as he did in 1913?
Don’t hold your breath.

Has The Beast been neutralized?
Too many people know.
They know we know.
As you know, the media is in free fall; a total state of meltdown.
Desperate to reclaim the trust of their audience, and still somehow uphold the Cabal’s orders.
Two incongruous objectives.
Delusional narratives cannot hold a line against a cavalry charge of Truth.
The jig is up.
When was the Battle of Bel Air?
Who won? Who lost?
Are you starting to catch on to the inevitable outcome of all this?
Do sealed indictments grow on trees?
Do sealed indictments evaporate?
When will the hammer fall on the truly wicked witches and warlocks?

When the hammer drops on the wicked,
Do we show them mercy, or sink to their level.
How do you exorcize a planet?
When will the magnetic engines go into production?
What will we do with the tarnished monuments of the fallen Empire?
How do we prevent evil from returning?
Are we ever truly safe?
Evil takes hold when the righteous forget the perils that exist, and always will.
When you surrender your guard,
When you allow yourself to float off into La La Land.
The populous must be informed to stay vigilant of corruption.
It is each man’s duty to stay abreast of the moves being made by the enemy.
All you really have to do is try.
All you really have to do is care.
It’s not rocket science.


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What is a cloud craft?
What does cloaking look like?
When will we decloak?
What was the Norwegian spiral anomaly?
Where was Obama at the time?
We are closer than you think.
Our beautiful craft will not fail to awe you.
Although you may not understand them.
They are not made of nuts and bolts.
But you will know they are not normal clouds.
They do not look like satellites.
They do not look like TR-3Bs.
How do you make a blueprint for a craft that changes shape?
Our craft will challenge your very conception of what a craft can be.

What is Christ Consciousness?
The embodiment of the teachings of Jesus Christ, disassociated from the Old T.
Did J.C. ever actually inhabit a meat suit?
Rumors about his life are never ending.
What is the Baal Cycle?
Who was Apollonius of Tyana?
Who was King Arthur?
Who was Jesus of Gamala?
Whose blood flows through the veins of the Merovingian Kings of Gaul?
Who would you need to be related to by blood to actually be King of the Earth, independent of religion.
Are you required to believe J.C. inhabited physical flesh in order to agree with his teachings?
Who is CC?
What did the Gnostics believe?
Why did they need to be exterminated and wiped from history for the RCC to flourish?
Dark vs. Light.  Good vs. Evil.
These labels can be interpreted differently from opposing perspectives.
Peace vs. War.
There can be no confusion between these two concepts.
Rockets and bloodshed verses dancing and celebration.
You’d think people could agree that the ladder was preferential.
Not so simple.
Or is it?

Why do people feel the need to stir the pot.
How do you purify injustice?
Who are you to judge?
Do you believe that is God’s responsibility?
Are we all made in God’s image?
Are we all splinters of glass born from the shattering of divine creation?
Are we built from a divine universal template?
Can there be drama and interest in a plot without blood and gore?
Can you slaughter an animal for food in the spirit of love and gratitude?
Were native Americans more spiritually advanced than the White Man?

Does conflict instigation propel the advancement of technology?
Who is hoarding the advanced technology today?
Historically, when you shift from war-mode to peace-mode, do you get invaded by barbarians?
Why did Angkor Wat fall?
Does a society’s belief system determine its ability to defend its existence?
Hindu vs. Buddist.
A civilization lasts only as long as its inhabitants can manage to hold back the ever encroaching jungle.
How to achieve peace and stability.
It is a delicate balancing act.
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How do you recognize bias within yourself?
Do you realize that most people simply adhere to the religion they were raised into from birth.
How likely is someone to practice the same ideology as their parents?
What was the philosophical leaning of your kindergarten teacher?
Elementary school?
What was the philosophy of the lofty, prestigious college you attended, which you shall self-identify with for the rest of your life.
What ideas have entered your mind through a flashing box in a dark room?
Just because you’re not strapped to the chair, doesn’t mean you’re not getting MK-ULTRA’ed.
Are  your beliefs based on your own personal experiences or stories you’ve been told by others.
Is the ability to look at your own belief system objectively an actual psychic skill akin to astral projection?
Step outside your Self, literally.
Not physically, but psychically.
Not everyone can do this.
If you scoff at this notion, or scoff at all psychic phenomenon in general, you may be biased.
Perhaps the greatest bias of all in the world today is the bias towards, and the belief in what we know to be mainstream science.
The cult of Science, which feeds people directly into the cult of atheism, has become more pervasive than any religion since it is endorsed by the state, which falsely claims to be separate from the church.
When you see the full picture, and realize that the highest level officials promoting science and atheism may actually be theistic Luciferians themselves, you begin to understand where this system may have a flaw.
What color is your voting region?
How is group think, and herd mentality influencing the beliefs you assume to be your own?
Have you taken the time to retreat?
Have you taken the time to be alone?
Are you ever truly alone?
You can seclude yourself from other people, but you can never remove yourself from the morphogenic field.
The all encompassing oneness of Source.
You can seclude yourself from society, but the psychic presence of the collective consciousness permeates this whole planet.
Bearing in mind these limitations, it may be impossible to absolve yourself completely of any and all bias.
The idea is not to turn yourself into a feral beast who attacks any idea that is presented.
The idea is to simply be conscious of your own awareness.
Question the origin of any idea when evaluating its merit.
Even when it comes from the almighty, Q.
“Disinfo necessary,” said Q of the lawless chans.
Disinfo is NOT necessary here in this Codex my friends.
No transmission here has been sent with the intent to deceive our enemies.
Question Q.  Question POTUS.  Question the Constitution. Question religion.
Question us!
This is not the road to anarchy.
It is the road to enlightenment.
Logic and refinement is the path to better things.

Allegations that Freemasonry has become a bit like a ‘sex cult’ in its later days are not entirely unfounded.
Perhaps its always been one.
Perhaps this dates back to ancient fertility rites.
Ritual orgies in honor of Baal.
What does a true sex cult look like?
‘Cult’ is a strong word that is often exaggerated and misused.
In the case of NXIVM, this label has been proven appropriate in a court of law.
Is ‘club’ a softer word for a ‘cult?’
What does a sex club look like?
Most people’s paths do not cross with organizations such as these.
For those who live in light, and work with light, these organizations are not on their radar.
SNCTM has barely received mention in the mainstream news.
When we see news of it, we raise an eyebrow, and move on in life.
The point being, if articles were not published about these groups, they could operate in complete secrecy.
Civilians can run black projects too.

How many locked doors are there in New York City?
Virtually every door is locked.
A city of secrets.
Secrets stacked high on top of one another into huge towers of secrets.
Secrets, lies, and people leading double lives.
How many private clubs are there in a city like New York?
How many of them conduct nefarious activity behind closed doors.
How many more private clubs might exist off the public records, in private address books, without sexy names like SNCTM and NXIVM.
These would never receive open press, would they?
Eyes Wide Shut.
Met Ball.

To what extent are the public figures on display for our entertainment involved with shadowy sex-club style organizations like these we speak of.
What really happens at an Oscar Party?
What happens when Marina Abramović hosts a get together?
Tea and small talk?
Coke and sex?
Ritual and sacrifice?
We are not here to point figures or make accusations,
But when there is writing on a wall, written in pig’s blood…
Do you read it?
Or do you stick your head in the sand.
Would people even know about NXIVM if it were not for E.O.12.21.17, and the huge crackdown on human trafficking we’ve seen since the rise of the Trump administration.
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People assume that public figures are good wholesome people, just like them.
People look at ‘People’ and think, “they’re just like us!”
There is a shadow world.
There is a criminal underworld.
There is a sexual underworld.
The Age of Innocence is over.
It’s time to take a hard look at the underbelly of society and understand how this stain has seeped through the layers of our social orders, and literally structured the world we see in broad daylight.
Whose girlfriend was actually assigned to them?
Whose girlfriend is actually their handler?
Have certain celebrities been ‘matched’ to their partners with sinister motives?
What does an arranged marriage look like when the Illuminati plays matchmaker.
Sadly, these are questions that must be asked of every public figure these days.
The problem is bigger than you think.
Who has the guest lists of the ‘ritual’ parties?
Who has the blackmail footage?
This show will not be enjoyed.
It may indeed traumatize the minds of the innocent.

Just because a history is etched into granite, doesn’t necessarily make it accurate.
What can a sandblaster do?
Allow your concept of history to be like a multidimensional patchwork quilt.
What is written on stone monuments from the 1800’s?
(What is the Masonic version of history?)
What does the oral tradition say?
What are the rumors?
What is your intuition telling you?
Setting Mandala Effects aside, there should be a true history in the archeological record.
However, any field of science that has been institutionalized becomes subject to the bias of the institutions.

Should you trust a channeling?
Should you trust a channeler who has made failed prophesies?
All relative.
If someone prophesies or warns of an attack, which then does not occur,
Did their prophesy fail, or did exposing the possibility alter the timeline?
Be highly skeptical of anyone dismissing ALL psychic phenomenon flat out.
The psychic world is a magnet for charlatans, just as the truth community is a magnet for agents.
Is a psychic offering their insights free of charge?
This can be a good sign, but remain cautious with anyone’s message.
Take care to not throw out the baby with the bathwater.
In any channeling, take what resonates with you.
Take concrete claims with more salt than open questions.
Look at any individuals motivations.
Are they truly independent?

Look at the chain of command.
Should a government whistleblower be expected to embark on a career of continually presenting new content, based on a finite experience as an insider?
Why do whistleblowers develop cult-like followings around themselves?
After going public with their story, and making a few laps around the truther circuit, should a whistleblower move on with life, perhaps pursuing additional new research in a relevant field.
Does a whistleblowers story change over time?
Are new chapters of their story, which were previously unacknowledged, revealed at later stages in their career?
This should raise a red flag.
So many right now are thirsty for truth.
The thirst grows stronger the more people realize that our textbooks are rubbish.
Like the “.com” boom of the 90’s, we will undoubtedly be seeing a truth boom that will be capitalized upon.
This is not necessarily a bad thing.
Expect some businesses to be scams and others to be honest.
Properly vetting a source is an essential part of the truth seeking journey.

Everyone enters the realm of truth with their trust having been violated.
The first trauma is learning that the state sponsored education you invested 12 years of your existence in was a total sham.
Perhaps not ‘total,’ but the level of deception and falsehood has likely traumatized you.
We are born in truth, trusting of our parents.
It is only later in life, we learn that we’ve been swimming the whole time in an ocean of lies.
This being so, it would be unwise to write off anyone making a profession out of disseminating truth.
If no one were to “take the cross” so to speak, where would we stand as a society?
All hope would be lost.
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The fundamental challenge we face is this:
A new philosophy must be conceived of, which can overpower the doctrine of the Swiss Beast, ie the Satanist.
Capitalism that devolves into Communism according to a predetermined plan to enrich the 1%.
Implementation of the new philosophy should result in a remarkable improvement in the quality of life you experience here.
You must move away from being a society structured around a run-away military industrial complex.
The new philosophy must be able to not only conquer the Pharaoh system, but also replace it, and defend itself into the future.
Let war be off-planet, if it must exist at all.
Why can’t there be peace on this planet?

Why must there be perpetual war on this planet?
Why can't we live in peace without being terrorized by the debtors?
Physical terror of war and toil, and psychological terror of enslavement.
Why must humans toil in fields when there are machines that can make short work of the labor.
Why can’t we use the Ley Lines and Earth energies to bring back higher productivity, and increased longevity.
With the technology presently available, we could create a new Golden Age for humanity.
What is stopping us?

What is the advantage of oral tradition?
What is the advantage of written records?
Are video streaming services [MSM, YouTube, Netflix, Gaia] any kind of substitute for the tried and true mechanisms of information inheritance?
Many are wondering, “If this or that organization is compromised, what should i watch?”
When you limit yourself to the Library of DARPA, there is much you may be missing out on.
You are accessing a narrow bandwidth of information.
Look within.  Explore the real world.
Gain first hand experiences.
What is your intuition telling you?
Truth is not a pastime, or a form of entertainment.

The internet has a reputation of representing everything.
Total freedom of information.
That may be true to a degree, but we know that the foundation of the Net, and the main pillars supporting it [Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook] were built by the Cabal.
The more polished, the more sexy something looks, the more you should probably question it.
The more special effects, the more razzle dazzle, the higher the budget.
How much of it came from Soros money.
Why do you think Q-anon appeared on 4chan and 8chan, both sites with notably low production value.
Fighting for truth in this system does not typically reward someone with vast riches.
Do real truthers zip around Pharaoh’s Empire in Lamborghinis?

Disclosure conventions have become the rage these days.
Are disclosure conventions the World’s Fairs of the 21st century?
Maybe if they were actually revealing otherworldly crafts, or inviting undisguised ETs to meet the public.
Which disclosure conventions are well-intended, and which are compromised.
What is a truth celebrity?
Was Jesus a truth celebrity?
Do truth celebrities exhibit grandiose bravado and command audiences to laugh and gasp, “Ooo, Ahhh.”
Do truth celebrities require a background in acting and public speaking?
How to rally a crowd.
These are generally not skill sets that a true researcher would be concerned about.
Information presented for educational purposes should appear only as dull or exciting as the information itself.
Is a presenter taking pleasure in the information they’re getting across, or in the adoration being heaped upon them.
Anyone who is clearly more interested in arousing an emotional response from their audience than conveying pertinent information should raise the eye brows of those who are seeking true enlightenment, as opposed to those merely seeking celebrity worship, who are eager to submit their freewill to a cult of personality.
One may learn the most from conversing with a wise elder whose testimony is slow, and dry, and wholly lacking in what you would consider stage presence.

Truth is not entertainment.  Truth is dead serious.
Truth is not a marketing strategy.
Try to reduce the number of middle men between yourself and the source of the information you seek.
Go to the source yourself, and use your intuition to absorb the information that is unwritten and unspoken.
While this may not give you all the specific details, it will give you a better overarching gauge of the greater concepts to be learned.
The Emerald Tablets.
The Halls of Amenti.
The Akashic Records.
A spiritual journey taken alone can be more fruitful than hours of YouTube videos.
Who to trust, that is the question.
Set the information aside for a moment, and let your intuition tell you about the true character of the individual or source in question.

6.25 {cybertransmission}
What is a dream?
What is reality?
Who is here to quantify for us?
Their name is Google.
Their job is to program you.
They own YouTube.
What channels have enjoyed astronomical growth on YouTube since 2017?
What is the astral realm?
What is the physical realm?
Do people astral travel in higher dimensions of the physical realm?
Does the mind create realms of its own within dreams?
Are dreams reality?
How many sides are there on a dice?
Who pulled the pink bunny rabbit out of the hat?
Who pulls exotic new alien species out of their dreams?
Who is a con artist?
Who is a lightworker?
Who is a Dark Luciferian?
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Have you listened to the song of the Siren?
Do Jedi mind tricks work on you?
Are Jedis named after Jesuits?
Are you drunk on Kool-Aid?
What is your favorite flavor?
Did Q teach you how to think for yourself, or how to march in a long procession of lemmings off a cliff, into the abyss.
Do you expect life to be easy?
Do you expect doors to be opened for you in a system that is run by Illuminist Masons from the top down?
Are you going with the flow, or are you swimming upstream?
POTUS opened the door for truthers to enjoy relative immunity from CIA harassment.
But POTUS cannot change the entire hierarchical power structure of Earth, which he is not even at the top of, with Executive Orders alone.
POTUS needs the help of the People to defeat the Cabal.
We are in the business of flipping sheeple.
We are in the business of turning sheep into centaurs.
How do you salvage a zombie?
How do you weaponize cattle?
How do you change someone who is on autopilot into a truth warrior.
Are you leading, or only following?
Are you posting, or only reposting?
Are you building tactical information nukes, or are you blabbering for 10 minutes, to waste people’s time and earn ad revenue.
Has the deified corporate logos of Google treated you fondly since 2017?
What side are you on?
Do you share clickbait, or do you concoct red-pills.
Are you adept in the mystic art of meme magic?
We are at war in multiple theaters.
Spiritual warfare. Information warfare. Clandestine warfare.
Traditional ground war is a dying ritual.
When the media says Iran destroyed a 100 million dollar surveillance drone, the first question should be, “Why does a surveillance drone cost 100 million dollars when you can get something that does essentially the same thing at Walmart for a few hundred bucks.
Should we invade Iran or Northrop Grumman?
There is no getting around the problem of the military industrial complex if we want to see a future of peace.
There is no getting around Project Mockingbird and In-Q-tel if we want to see a future of truth and honesty.
The Satanic tech & media giants who have taken refuge in hardened bunkers within our borders are a greater threat than any foreign adversary.
They operate with impunity from barges in international waters.
They plan to privatize space to shoot 5G and whatever else they want to down on the human livestock below.
Start making moves to defend yourself.
Protect yourself and warn others of the injustices that are being passed off as inevitable progress.
Humanity will not be bulldozed by Satanic mega-corporations who think they are above the government established by We the People.
Their crimes are so numerous and blatant, the only thing keeping them afloat is our corrupt, and inept system of justice.
Let them be judged then in the court of public opinion.
Let truthers infiltrate the Lodges running the judicial systems, and let the fury of Athena drive the dark forces back into Hell, from whence they came.

A shift is coming.
Can you feel it?
What happens when the 100th monkey learns the truth?
The collective consciousness is enduring growing pains at the moment.
Strife among Democrats, and strife within the truth community is due to the imminent falling of several veils.
Once truth is revealed, many realignments will be necessary.
Pity those who cannot admit when they were wrong.
Pity those who lack the ability to ‘correct course.’
Pity those aboard sinking ships engulfed in flames.
Have patience, and help them see the light.
Chatter is exploding re: July 4th, 2019.
Do not anticipate the return of Christ or anyone else who has been dead for 30 years.
Do not anticipate our fleet decloaking, or anti-gravity crafts to land on the White House lawn.
Waiting for a savior helps no one.  Be proactive.
Plant seeds of hope in the minds of those who are lost and confused.
Tell someone magnetic engines are possible and that we don’t need to keep polluting the Earth.
Tell someone that we can use hemp now instead of destroying our forests.
Tell someone White Nobility exists, and that the Illuminati is not all powerful.
Tell someone, in the most gentle way possible, that ‘Orange Man’ may not be all bad.
Though imperfect, he is a stepping stone towards greater things.
The sacrifice you must make is putting your reputation on the line in honor of the truth.
Lead by example.
Humanity is purging all that will not serve the New Earth.
Many will resist the change, even if it is for the better.
When you take away a child’s favorite toy, a tantrum ensues.
Think of all that no longer serves us.
Mockingbird Media. Netflix, Junk food, Throw-away fashion produced by slave labor overseas.
Do you realize that multiple giant industries are on the verge of implosion due to the rise of new energies, new ethics, and new truths coming to light?
These are people’s self-destructive “comfort foods” of body and mind.
There will be suitable replacements, but our world will not be the same one as it was.
On July 4th, make it your duty to wake up as many people as you can.
Everyone desires independence.  No one wants to live as a slave.
Some mistakenly believe we already have independence, and it’s not something we need to worry about, or fight for.
They do not see the invisible Babylonian money magician behind the curtain making their life hell.
Step 1: Reveal the problem.  The world is not perfect.
Step 2: There is hope. Operations are underway.
Step 3: What can you do about it? How can you personally correct course?
Vote with your dollar.
When you change yourself you change the world.
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What is a map?
How far does your sphere of perception reach?
What is uncharted territory?
What is the “frontier” in 2019?
Why do so many people think they have it all figured out already?
This attitude of unshakable confidence in one’s perception of reality is a mirror of the MSM’s false projection of representing honest investigative journalism.
“We figured this out, so you don’t have to think.”
Does a story’s conclusion accurately follow a logical path through the sequence of facts and research presented?
How often does a headline make a biased claim that is unsupported by the article beneath it.
Did you fall for the clickbait?
Do you learn from your mistakes?
Maps, unlike stories, display a contiguous field of information.
Logic gaps, or unknown territories, stand out distinctively because they are blank, whereas the rest of the area is charted.
What is a mind map?  What is a data map?
How can a mind map help you to see the big picture on a subject so vast it tests the limits of your computational power.
The human mind can only churn so much data.
Why are all the greatest maps and records of human history locked away in the Vatican archives and other private foundations?
Why does “Getty” seem to own every image that ever passed through the lens of a camera?
Knowledge is power.
Truth is the ultimate weapon.
If you hold the truth hostage and disseminate lies, you can create a convincing illusion.
How does a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat?
How does the Vatican pull the narrative of humanity out of its archives?
How did Caesar pull the oldest written records out of Alexandria?
Was Rome the evil copycat civilization of Greece?
“Kill & replace”
How dangerous is it that Google now owns or regulates such a vast proportion of the information on the internet.
“At least we still have books,” you say?
How dangerous is it that Amazon has swallowed the literature industry whole?
What is In-Q-Tel?
You do realize that Amazon has a partnership with the CIA, that Google came from DARPA, and Facebook from the project called “LifeLog.”
Track the command chain up the ladder.
Who are the power players?
It is well known that the CIA is heavily infiltrated by the Jesuits.
[CIA of the Vatican]
Are you starting to see the bigger picture here?
How much has this iron grip on control been weakened since Trump came to office?
Is Gina a wrench in their system, or is she co-operating?
Compartmentalization is a breeding ground for rogue cells.
Clearly, information acquisition has entered a new era of complexity.
How many hoops of fire must one jump through to arrive at a “fact.”
Is anything a fact?
The record shows thus.
But is any record accurate?
The older the record, the less there is to corroborate it.
Can you translate cuneiform?  Do you trust those who have?
Why do people trust the Bible as a record when they have not even read the work of Josephus Flaviaus.
The bottom line is this,
Everyone is constructing a multidimensional conception of history in their own mind.
We take from what we have read, we take from what others have told us of their own experiences, we take from what others have read and relayed to us.
We must also draw data from our intuition, for making connections between distant sources in our minds can yield the most enlightening results.
The Akashic Records are the ultimate cheat code, and the ultimate mystery.
Never stop digging.  Never stop mapping.
Thus is the voyage of existence.

What makes some Templars light, and other Templars dark?
We are contemplating good vs. evil.
What makes some Templars wear devil’s horns and call themselves Teutonic Knights?
Do you realize the crusader armies were not under the direct command of the Vatican in the same way that CC commands the US military today.
Regional Kings and Lords commanded their own armies, they were merely inspired by the directive of the Pope, and the general impetus, “Deus Vult.”
“God wills it.”
It must have been nearly impossible to synchronize these armies to create any kind of a coherent campaign.
Orders were often lost in transit, and sometimes even ignored after they were successfully received!
The challenges proved too great in many instances.
Many crusades could be considered logistical nightmares by today’s military standards.
Even before the first Crusade embarked, there were smaller renegade Crusades led by commoners who pillaged through Europe, only to be slaughtered immediately upon crossing into enemy territory.
Understand that the alliance between the Templars and the Vatican was consecrated primarily by shared faith, and secret oaths at the elite levels.
As Templars discovered the wonders of the ancient world, their faith may have evolved.
As Templars faced challenges and gained experience in the field, the Pope sat in Rome, insulated from both the horrors and the fruits of war.

What are the fruits of war?
Is the military industrial complex a new thing?
Does war accelerate technological development?
Did Templars discover technologies of warring, building, and banking that drove thorns of jealousy into the Kings of Europe and the Papacy?
This discordance came to a head in 1307 when the Templars were betrayed by the Pope and King of France, and proverbially thrown under the siege engine.
Where did their wealth go?
Builders vs. Doctors; an age old rivalry.
Shaman vs. Warrior.
One field cannot exist without the other, yet both fixate on domination.
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After their persecution and expulsion, the Templars were scattered to the four winds.
The bankers retreated to their haven in Switzerland.[Sion of the Alps]
Some were offered refuge in Portugal.
Some took to the seas to bury treasure in far off lands.
[Oak Island]
Some ended up in Great Britain, where they became deeply embedded in the struggle between the Scotts and the English monarchy.
Then came William of Orange.
[Protestant controlled opposition]
When William conquered England for the Dutch with the support of the Jesuits and the Pope, the Templars’ international banking system came with him.
It would appear as though the dark factions of the Templars had become concentrated in the banking aspect of their greater mission.
With the changing of the guard in England, and the arrival of the Swiss Banking Beast, circumstances became conducive to the public reemergence of the Templars, in the form of Freemasonry.
In devotion to an ambiguous ‘Supreme Being,’ Masons were not concretely allied to anyone but themselves.
They would work with the banks towards world domination, but did not necessarily follow all the same principals.
This became quite clear when Masons provided critical aid to the formation of the USA, setting forth a trajectory that was unmistakably more pro-humanity than the monarchy model favored by the Church.
America was to be a rebuilding of Atlantis, and the dawning of a new Golden Age.
However, many setbacks ensued.
The crown would not relinquish its property so easily, and still fights to this day to regain, and maintain control!

Light Templars fought for God, to defend the innocent.
Dark Templars were parasitized by Babylonian money wetiko, and devoted themselves to cannibalistic banking.
Light Templars, renamed as Freemasons, drove the enlightenment and the high renaissance, forging many of the marvels we enjoy in the modern world today.
They created America to ultimately herald the New Earth; The return to a sustainable paradise.
Dark Templars, renamed as the Illuminati, fought to divide and shackle America through the Civil War, and the establishment of the FED.
Fast forward to 1993;
Dark Templars build a great obsidian pyramid in the American desert; a gateway to the underworld, and a bridge to the darkest projects of their shadow government.
They name it “Luxor.”
Light Templars build a colossal Golden Tower on the opposite end of the Vegas Strip.
Have you figured out who is going to win yet?
Dark to Light.
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