OBAMAGATE // UPDATE ON PAGE 6 re "Born in Kenya"
(07-03-2020, 04:53 AM)HomelessPatriot Wrote: I guess obozo's brother is now releasing this bc idk 1dunno1 

[Image: wAgk1dF.jpg]

then there is Scratchinghead 

[Image: GCNZrnZ.jpg]

There are so many copies of BO's "birth certificate" floating around, one has no idea which is the original.   1dunno1

However, this second clip you posted ...

If this is true, in 2009 the Supreme Court had his college records? ... Showing he was a foreign student? ... And the Supreme Court sat on that information all this time?   Ham
[Image: 0tNBekb.png]for our Constitutional Republic !!  
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