Quote:The Justice Department has been giving Hillary Clinton another free pass and this round it is on the alleged watch of U.S. Attorney General William Barr.
Thomas Paine broke the story on his Patreon show on Tuesday night as well as his new Podcast.

Paine said Barr is allowing Clinton to get away with another scheme, this one very large involving the Clinton Foundation and U.S. tax money. This comes on the heels of Barr allowing Saudi trainees linked to the murders of three Navy sailors at a Naval base in Florida to walk away from the deadly shootings.
Paine said Barr will not prosecute Clinton and her cartel members involved in the new massive scheme, which will soon be detailed in True Pundit.

FBI officials recently fired or ‘retired’ may also be using knowledge of the covered-up Clinton scheme as leverage to stay out of prison, Paine said.

Here is an excerpt from the podcast.

Quote:“These Saudi ‘soldiers” (in Florida) have porn child porn on their computers and number them are basically terrorists radicalized.

Muslim terrorists and Barr says, you know, I think we’ll just ask them to leave the country.
This guy is like a dope.
He’s actually probably worse than Sessions. I think when the final analysis is over. This guy is a cover-up artist and worse than Sessions. I think that’s what’s going to shake out. I’m probably way ahead of the curve again, but I think that’s probably what’s going to happen.

Hey if I’m wrong, I’ll apologize, but I haven’t had to apologize that much in three years now.
And the reason I could say that with some definitive confidences because I know everything that’s going on behind the scenes that they haven’t done and they haven’t prosecuted this Saudi trainee thing is just like the latest … that’s like a speed bump compared to the other stuff that these guys are are letting the Elites in DC get away with.
It’s really maddening.

[i]And I will be honest with you. I probably should have done a podcast yesterday because I think it’s like a week. I was so mad yesterday. You think this is bad? Like my opening five minutes is bad? I probably would have been tossed off of here yesterday. I was so mad the whole day even the guys I work with the like, you know, what’s the matter with you? Why are you so mad because I’ll tell you why I’m mad because I get calls from Justice guys. And from Intel guys and the stuff keeps getting worse.

Worse and worse
And a lot of that stuff will be coming out on True Pundit in the next weeks in the next months … it’s so bad folks.
I’ll tell you it just it brings you to your knees as a patriot to to see what is going on with this country …
These people are crazy and dangerous and selling you out.
[i]By the hour not by the day or by the week now. It’s by the hour.”

What do you all make of this?
My mind, a field of battles, struggles for peace in a tight place.
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When it comes to the Clinton's they have very deep bribe pockets and also they appear to have a full library of skeletons in closets that are used to keep people in check. They appear to be better connected than the Mafia ever was. The world would change immensely if a "LAWS" was sent to them both. That is what I think.
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1dunno1 Scratchinghead  ill keep my mouth shut
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