Gardening and Food Growing
My earliest memories of gardening.
We lived on a huge wheat and cattle ranch in north eastern Oregon.
I remember following my father in the field as he planted corn. He had a bag of seeds slung over his shoulder and a corn planter that he would stab in the ground to release one seed at a time. I followed up with my little bare feet and stepped on each hole to cover it . I was probably 4 years old.

Then came harvest and endless canning in hundreds of jars. We had a large family . Grandparents, mother, father and 5 children .  I was #4.

I remember that gardening was a lot of work.
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My Pops (dad) always had a garden. Usually about an Acre.
I was about 5 or 6 and told Pops "I want to plant my own garden !" So he gave me about a 5x5 foot area for my garden.
Man, I planted seeds ! In every square inch of that little 5x5 garden. Over time it was quite the Jungle. Pops wanted to pull it up but I said NO !
So he let it go and before long, there were tomatoes, peppers, squash and beans and even pumpkins.....
That is how I learned to grow veggies....
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