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(11-20-2022, 10:41 PM)Aces Wrote:

Some of what he says about the beretta 92 is spot on. I agree about the safety getting in the way when trying to rack the slide, but its a non issue for me because I carry with one in the head. The open barrel design can cause issue if you happen to touch it during heavy use and it does invite dirt/crud etc.. which can impair function. However, with those things said, I would trust either of my beretta 92's if shit hit the fan. Any gun can experience failures under the right circumstances but imo at least the beretta is fairly easy to work on, and can be upgraded quite a bit. Not to mention the high quality 30 round magazines that can be easily had.
Migi, Handle the defense.
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(11-15-2022, 04:36 AM)Winter_Steelheader Wrote: Trudeau destroyed everything for me now.....  All of my handguns are worthless, and many of my rifles are as well.

Im a collector of WW2 firearms and firearms made shortly after WW2.

All of my TT-33's are good for shit now.  My Walther P-38's, P-1's, ....

the bastard is going after our SKS rifles soon...

My investment is all garbage now.

Your prediction was spot on.

Migi, Handle the defense.
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(11-25-2022, 08:46 PM)Aces Wrote:

I love Sig pistols. I have a Sig 320 SC. It is my daily carry. I swear I could carry it in my shirt pocket. But I almost always wear a vest even in summer. It fits totally un-noticed in the vest. I am a 40 cal guy but I love this pistol, so I have a modest inventory of 9mm. Hell I am a big guy. If I can't stop them with a 9mm, I will beat them to death with my hands.  1dunno1
Doin' what I can with what I got

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