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If society fell apart, we - the people would build a new one. Most people are good at their core, and when we see things that are wrong we work to fix them together. Make friends with your neighbors, get involved with your community - because we will rebuild our lives, our communities, from horrible circumstances we always will.
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"There Are NO Blue States"

>snip<"This 2020 County Election Map proves the point…

[Image: sM17QVx.png]

The BLUE specs on this otherwise all RED national map are the problem areas of our country. This is where most of the anti-American democratic-socialists live and vote, millions of them, illegally. These are the left-wing extremist zones that are responsible for driving our entire country into total ruin. These are the urban areas currently cancelling (nullifying) 84% of the nation.

Thanks to nine months of Obama’s puppet regime and their mismanagement on the national level, Biden and Harris have done more to convert Citizens into diehard Trump fans than another four years of Trump ever could have. More importantly, Biden and Harris are converting young public classroom educated socialists into future conservatives, thanks to their heavy-handed tyrannical insanity.

A “civil war” wouldn’t be much of a war, especially since all that RED territory is littered with Bible-reading gun-toting hunters and veterans, just about fed up with the tyrannical nature of those “tolerant liberals” busy trying to “cancel” everyone who isn’t just like them.

A second civil war? No…

But a collective uprising of all pro-American Citizens tired of being dictated to by mental midgets and public servants? YES! These BLUE cities are responsible for 90% of the election fraud in our country. Do we need a war to stop them from stealing elections in the future? Or do we just need to disqualify their districts due to their massive voting irregularities and election law violations?

Do we need to go to war to prove that no one has any right or authority to jab anyone with anything against their will? Or do we simply need to stand up together in mass and say “NO, not here!”  ">snip<

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[Image: WGFeykg.png]

[Image: Pd1CQEP.jpg]
the Tornados
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