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Morning all! Great day to everyone. Busy squirrel today! *sip*
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(Today, 10:24 AM)HomelessPatriot Wrote: [Image: vjewCVq.jpg]

And. . . if these folks REFUSE to take the vaccine, it wont happen.

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land."

2 Chronicles 7:14

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Keep your soul clean and your boots dirty 

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(Today, 01:08 AM)gallowglassie Wrote: Evening 3rd Shifters, we are in tomato time and all life ceases for a fortnight

So far 8 jars of salsa, am done with that, should be enough to hold me. 

I open a jar sometimes for a pot of chili w/black beans in crockpot too, its always handy to have a jar for Superbowl/College bowl game snacks next winter

Got the pesto done, using 3 kinds of basil, including a Greek dwarf variety, a Socrates Basil have never seen before. Super intense flavor, ready for pastas & recipes this winter.

Smoked some salmon for using in salmon dip and froze that to use with lemon and capers for the holidays

Son had a gunboat sized zucchini torpedo that he missed under garden foliage and it grew like topsy while he was on vacation. It was 25 inches long.

That will be divided into 3 piles, one for zucchini marinara sauce/pizza topper, zucchini to slice freeze for stir fry and zucchini pineapple bread or muffins w/poppyseeds

Blanched and froze two bags of asparagus for winter soup and still need to process some blackberries on Monday

Am caught up for a moment but another round of roma tomatoes will be ready by midweek for the canner...

all jars sealed, we had 100 percent success so far

Freezer is filling up and will use up all empty tomato jars this year!

Made a grilled Tillamook cheese sammich with some of that fresh basil pesto on buttery, crisp brioche, was like biting into heaven.

divided up here by hybrid type, we mixed up lemon boys, early girls and beefsteaks but kept the san marzano plums as ther own batch, lovely dark red jars of tomatoes.

so good for Fruitti de Mare or a cast iron skillet of Spanish paella over saffron rice for Valentines or a shrimp okra gumbo for Mardi Gras

[Image: Screenshot-2374.png]

good eating from bountiful vines!

lil birdie says George Dickel Bourbon is the supplier for Costco under their Kirkland Brand, might get a bargain if a member.

[Image: Screenshot-2375.png]

and last project for the wknd was turning an old Kikkoman soysauce bottle made into a hummingbird feeder

10 minutes to sterilize and use a rubber coated coat hanger with pliers to hang it. Now we wait to see if visitors use it. Its a bit late in season but may get used.

Certainly will next year too. Rather than pitch to a landfill, put to good use.

[Image: Screenshot-2362.png]

youtube tutorial.

Was a blessed relief to turn off the news, unplug and just dive into garden processing

back to the week ahead and the summer of covid chaos, keep us all bellyfull of good music, Goya breakfast buffet and sizzling hot news links!
What is your pesto recipe? I just picked a bunch yesterday. (basil)
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(Today, 07:29 AM)FlyoverCountry Wrote: It's 59 degrees here.
WTF  1dunno1
Wasn't it you who was just complaining about the heat?


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