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Gaslighting with the corona virus?

You bet!
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Vaccine passports: this is where it leads.
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Just say no to vax.

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Just got a nice little ransom note from the "IRS" today.  It was signed by sleepy Joe.  He telling me how great it was to make sure that America gets stabbed, I mean jabbed, and how the relief bill in March allowed for $1400, plus the $600 from December (back when he wasn't President yet!  the nerve of some people), making a total of $2000.  Aren't you glad you voted for Joe instead of The Donald?  Now bow down and do as your government tells you.  

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If you have the vaccine,
(Under a black light),
You gonna turn green.

And everybody has been wearing masks for the last year.  How intriguing that some stories aren't fairy tales.

They can't prove whether you even had the virus much less whether you have the vaccine. So they would have to do something to identify the presence of the vaccine they are requiring everyone to have.
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A first stabbed modeRNA vexxed person doesn't seem to show up any green illumination thing.

Maybe a second stabbed vex does?
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[Image: TRACHBYPASS.jpg]

[Image: uG0N1Xi5zn0u6-IB8A5fABQUMTzXDPVPu6TmT5ru...sF5VI=s0-d]


Just like the ventilator.
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