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A restaurant owner has OWNED THE INTERNET TODAY
A restaurant owner with 138 employees was required to have ALL OF THEM vaxxed to comply with Biden's 100+ employee vax mandate. 46 of them were already vaxxed. So the restaurant owner fired those 46 vaxxed employees which brought him down to 92 total employees thus bringing him into compliance.

PARITY CHECK FOR ABOVE: 46/138 = 33.333 percent VAXXED, which is approximately the same number I keep repeating and YES, that sample is large enough. This offers strong support to my being correct on the actual numbers. FACT: A strong majority of Americans ARE NOT VAXXED, don't let con artists fool you.
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BILL GATES TO MEXICO: PLEASE STOP YOUR HOME GROWN VAX ("it does not have what we need in it")
Mexico has developed it's own Covid vax called Patria, and Bill Gates started begging Obrador to stop the project
Obrador knew early on something was wrong with the Pfizer vax and others, and began Mexican development of a Corona vax. The vaccine is an antibody vax that is being developed with the use of a castlevirus that is completely harmless to humans, but builds immunity to Covid-19.  It appears Mexicans figured out that Covid itself was a bioweapon and that NONE of it in any vax was a good idea, so they found a harmless virus with traits both viruses had and used that instead.  Most likely they relized that the spike protein in the Coronavirus itself should be avoided even in a conventional vax, and that obviously, MRNA vaxxes that tell your body to make that spike protein are worse than the virus itself.
And you have never heard of this. The vax is CENSORED. Aside from a few posts as late as April, if you search for it in English with a date filter that will show what is talked about now with regard to this vax, this is what you get:

I did not know about this vax until this morning.
As much as I am in the thick of things trying to find every detail on every relevant topic, I never heard about this vax until this morning, Claudia came to me mad, saying "You know what Bill Gates did? He pleaded with Obrador to stop Mexico's own corona vaccine". She said Mexico's vaccine was probably safe because it was developed by independent people who are not held hostage by the "elite", and because the vaccine did not "do the right job" Bill Gates wanted it stopped at all cost.

So I sat down this morning trying to find something - ANYTHING on this vax, and lately there's ZILCH, all I can find is a few old posts from April that said what the vax was going to be based on, what type of vax it was, how it got named, and when clinical trials were expected to be complete.  ANSWER: The vax should be ready in November.

Will I take it? well, this vax was developed with obvious explicit knowledge of many of the other vaxxes not being vaxxes at all - with them instead being weapons, so if the intention was to avoid one weapon while providing protection against another It is probably a LOT safer than any other "vax", including CanSino, but I think I'll stick to ivermectin and other crap I have laying around.

Though I'd trust a Mexican research team backed by a very good president before I would trust XI and 5000 miles before I'd trust anything from Pfizer, or any other Jewish backed shot from America or Europe, and at least a parking lot short of trusting Russia, if I have options to avoid having ANYTHING injected I'll take those first, as honest as the Mexicans may be with this it can still be stated that the trust is broken, how would anyone know there was not a saboteur in the process?

If I was pinned down with a gun to my head, and I already saw they were serious with Juan, I guess. I sure won't walk in for it. That's miles ahead of Pfizer, where I'd simply tell them to shoot me. (and I would), I would accept death any other way than the Pfizer, J&J or Spikevax. I'd rather be dead whole than wrecked, walking, and waiting to "fade to clot". And more, even if I lived, I'll take God's blueprint to the end, not some pirate code stolen by Gates (who stole everything Microsoft had) but that's another topic.
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I KNOW WHY. Because Guatemalans are anti-science!!!
This is the right way to handle the Covid psychopaths, as proven by the lack of flouride in the Guatemalan routine. I actually hope that vax brigade swings from branches.
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Maybe we should vaccinate the bats too.
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The great reset is enabling exploitation of the poor.

To then accuse capitalism of causing the poverty -- while in the very act of eradicating it -- is to commit both a historical error and a profound injustice.

An excerpt from The Capitalist Manifesto : The Historic, Economic and Philosophic Case for Laissez-Faire by Andrew Bernstein.

The difference, of course, is the technology made possible by the greater capital invested by American and other Western firms, which raises the productivity of each worker. Similarly, the more modernized plants of the American companies translate to better and safer working conditions. Technology and industrial mechanization – the achievements of the minds of men made possible by freedom – are raising living standards in 21st century Asia just as they did in 18th century Europe.

The real problem in Third World countries is not that Western companies “exploit” their workers — they do not; it is that indigenous dictatorial regimes — whether communist, socialist, theocratic, feudal or military — oppress their own citizens. The moral imperative is not to pressure Nike, et. al., into “better treatment” of its employees; it is to overthrow the communist, theocratic or military despots and establish capitalism, the only system that respects the rights of the individual.
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Because of the fact that corona virus cases have been declining when the flu season is getting ready to begin, and since the cases are no longer being inflated to nonexistent levels, the vaxxed are no longer required to wear masks.  Even the vaxxed were required to mask from a month ago.  But now we need the vaxxed to remove their masks and resume becoming super spreaders.  Not only that, but the crisis on the southern border will bring in all the new cases we need, and will no longer require us to inflate the cases.  So enjoy the short return to normal, as you won’t be living much longer.  There really won’t be a return to normal, but since the psychedelic vax will make you a vegetable and you won’t  really be aware of your surroundings, so it won’t matter about whether you think everything is normal.  Meanwhile, the unvaxxed will still be aware of the reality around them, and will be trying to fight a losing battle on many fronts, so it doesn’t actually matter whether you get vaxxed or not, it just makes things easier for us if you just simply stand in line, shut up, and take your clot shot.  We can’t let a manufacturered crisis go to waste.

Oh and you don’t need to worry about a thing. As always, the government will take care of it. Nobody in their right mind would vote for us, but we’ve got that all worked out. We’ll steal the midterms, and the more dead voters, the better. Because just like the last election, we didn’t even need any real voters to win. It will be the complete takeover by demoncrats, because there wouldn’t be a crisis like this if it wasn’t for us. Electing us will only allow for more crisises to occur if you haven’t figured it out yet. Everything would return to normal on its’ own, if the demoncrats were all put in the only government institution that they would actually be qualified for. But the way we’ve handled this whole thing, the corona virus is even impressed, because it couldn’t do the kind of damage that we’ve been able to pull off. If it weren’t for the communists, there wouldn’t be a trail of destruction.
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Taking a vaccine is not a badge of honor.
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So many unvexxed people working at a Maine hospital that they had to shut the hospital down.

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Dr Fauci goes around on Halloween, visiting everyone.

He says trick or treat.

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White House thinks they can override state bans on vaccine mandates.

Let’s get ready to sue the feds.
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