Hannity on Gov. Cuomo: Despite saying you want to put politics aside, “You keep B*tching and complaining”
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Mar 26, 2020

Hannity on Gov. Cuomo: Despite saying you want to put politics aside, “You keep B*tching and complaining”



That whole segment on New York’s FAILURE to prepare, was brilliant and  richly needed to be said. NYGovCuomo
is a horrible Governor. He should have NEVER been RE-elected. Without Donald Trump
coming in and rescuing NY, they would be devastated.


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at FIRST, I thought Cuomo did a good job and all.  but the more this went on and is going on? He seems to be mentally cracking or something. He was the one who said "we are proud of being openly and accepting" and even had the nerve to say stupid shit where he wouldn't lock down new york in the early days because it was "not needed".  then bill dedildo said "if you are not sick...you should go live your life"

and THEY are not called out and the msm has some fucking magic boner for them? FUCK THAT.  i THOUGHT cuomo was going to put politics aside...but he cannot. DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!
- I choose to reject modern society and the false song of Globalism! -
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Bitch and Complain - it's what the left does best !
Wanna know why the Left hates the Covid bailout ?
Because the money is seen coming from President Trump and not from their communist asses....
You better start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner, because you are in one....
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