Caliphate in the you aren't crazy, it's happening.
I have not been here as often as I would like to be. Truth is there was too much information coming from various sources that was overwhelming my red string mind.  Covid-19 was really an eye opening experience, but not due to the virus itself.  I'll explain what I mean by this further down below.

Things I have known since at least 2008 are now coupling with new info coming straight from the bad actors mouths.

1. America was being infiltrated by extremist islamics under Obama.

2. Obama was ushering in these extremists under the guise of 'refugee'.  He used actual job listings asking for coyotes to bring in 'children' from our southern borders. 

3. Obama also created a new Visa called the 'O' Visa that brought in actors, comedians and musicians from other countries that are now embedded in the entertainment industry and cannot be deported for practicing treason. (This should start to make sense for anyone on here following the nutters in hollywood that have been screaming the loudest against MAGA while calling everyone racists/homophobes/bigots/xenophobes and whatever other words they read off their scripts).

4. Obama let us all know that he would stand with Islam if the winds changed against them.  (He never stood with Americans).  Who he really is needs to be exposed.

5. In a speech in 2014 Obama mentioned an upcoming viral pandemic that would need to be addressed.  (Yes, people can argue that he meant Ebola, or SARS, or H1N1 or even Zika, but I don't believe that is what he was talking about).

6. The UN has been systematically replaced by Islamics and people who bow to Islam.

7. Angela Merkle and other world globalist leaders ushered in 'refugees' from islamic countries, and then made it a crime to call out the facts on who exactly these 'refugees' were, for instance that 75% of them were men between the ages of 16-35. And then they made it a hate crime for any European to mention that these 'refugees' were raping, murdering and committing heinous crimes across Europe.  The media carried the globalist water and helped hide these crimes.  The people of EU fell silent, and when they protested, they were labeled as racists, xenophobic and even white supremacists. 

8. Angela Merkle was caught on a hot mic telling Zuckerberg of facebook that he needed to silence any opposition to the refugee programs...which he responded by hiring 3,000 fascists that muted and deleted accounts that went against the globalist agenda.  Facebook was just caught banning and silencing conservatives and anyone who wants MAGA.  Cancel culture on roids.

9. World globalist leaders were caught bowing to the islamic agenda...Trudeau of Canada, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and Barack Obama. (disarming the world because you can't have an armed populace if you want to take them over!)

10. Several years ago I wrote a post on GuLP about how CAIR (the islamic terrorist group in the USA), BLM (the communist militant islamic black group in the USA) and Antifa (the communist radical leftists all over the globe) were all in bed together and being funded by the Democrat party and world globalists.

11. Now I can tell you that those three groups are funding the democrat By creating a racism narrative where there was no racism. They created a fake cause and turned it into a profitable charity that goes directly into the Democrat coffers.  Funds for BLM have already been caught filtering into the Dem account. (I wonder if any COVID funds went to the dems?)

12. Face masks...remember when so many women were stating they would NEVER EVER cover their faces like Islamics?  Well...that didn't take long did it? And now it is a crime to NOT wear a face covering.  You also can't hug, kiss, shake hands, stand near each other....sound familiar?  If you know anything about Islam, this should scare the shit out of you.

13. The removal of statues and the erasure of American History...there is ONLY ONE GROUP that wants these images erased...can you guess which one?  It doesn't allow images of people, as Allah would consider that this making sense now?  Did I mention that Shaun King, the BLM fake black guy that has worked with Obama, just said he wants to see Jesus Christ removed as well?  Hmm...ever wonder why leftists teamed up with Islam?  Might be that both groups share common goals: a great desire to remove Christianity and the need to make child abuse normal.  (If you doubt me, you have been asleep or on another planet, and I envy your innocence in ignorance).

14.  Brennan, Yates, Clapper, Rice, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Eric Ellison, his kid Jeremiah Ellison (the councilman in Minnesota wanting to abolish the po-po), are all connected to Islam.  Yep, that's right.  Then we have DeBlasio (not his real name, check out his ties to socialist Sandinistas), Comey and a shit load of mayors and congressmen involved with promoting islam and communism and this should start to make even more sense to you all.

15. Meetings between the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama were behind closed doors in the WH...meetings with Obama and Google (over 200 of them)...meetings between the black caucus and the Black Lives Matters heads...DeRay McKesson.  Clockboy and Obama's Sudanese ties. Iran gifting Obama and his administration millions in jewels.  Obama gifting Iran billions.  Kerry and his ties to Iran.  It is no wonder that Obama had Lynch making laws against Americans slandering their beloved islam!  And now they can cry it's racism...because BLM is islamic and communist!  (Check into Kapernick and his girlfriend).

16. The New York UN building got a face lift under rugs, gold furniture, and a prayer room complete with little carpets for bowing down to Mecca!

17. Abolish cops...Defund cops...okay, now they are saying it means CHANGE cops...what do they really mean?  Is what George Floyds family asked the UN...they mean they want to usher in the UN to become the USA's NEW COPS.  See items 6 and 16. 

18. The Voting basis in Michigan and Minnesota...see a pattern?

19. I sent proof to the DOJ 4 years ago that Mexican leaders and the Drug cartel were working with Islamic groups and communist factions.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Yep, Louis Gutierrez, the Bush clan, the Clintons, Beto, Nancy and La weren't hard to spot!  You were sloppy!  Certain silicon valley tech industries were also personally motivated to help these groups as was hollywood. (sex and drug trafficking).

20. We have actual proof that a Chinese communist faction, an Iranian faction and Mexico were working with democrats to bring down the USA from within...this is what they are attempting to do still! Pay attention to the NBA...why do they defend China so much? Why does Hollywood? Could it be due to them being owned by the Chinese? YEP! Now look at our universities...billions of funds came to American universities from China. This money produced a lot of little radical commies. Notice how many of the people arrested during the riots were either college kids or kids of a professor...or even a professor/teacher. (Becoming clearer now?)

So what have I brought you all?  Probably things most of you already knew...but hopefully something you guys can think on and think hard on because if this administration can't fix next post might be letting you all know that actual war is upon us. We have been in a cyber war for over a decade and we have had a one sided war waged against us where we have been holding the line and staying calm, but actual war, where blood is shed, could be in our future.

Keep your heads on swivels, pray for peace but prepare for war, please research what I have posted, and think hard on this...think about WHY and you will get to WHO!  (And yeah, W.H.O. is also involved!)

[Image: 2ydPCrq.png] “Sometimes, you have to believe in what you can’t see in order to see past what you can.
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Very thorough analysis, @Deplorably-Nameless. Thank you! Heartflowers Giving it a good read and thinking-over.
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Sorry for the typos.
[Image: 2ydPCrq.png] “Sometimes, you have to believe in what you can’t see in order to see past what you can.
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(06-24-2020, 03:10 PM)Deplorably-Nameless Wrote: Sorry for the typos.
Didn't even notice. The info is what matters. Heartflowers
[Image: XhIy8dz.jpg][Image: OGlXtJa.png]
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Let's see if we can get a pin for conversation

Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away

[Image: sj45h51.png]
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Unfortunately, you are right. And, apathy will kill us. Even if Trump succeeds in a second term. You're looking at massive social unrest.  A far left media brainwashing people. And, a social media that is doing the same. A full frontal attack of Marxism in a BLM disguise. Don't expect this to settle down. In fact, it will ramp up. America is all but gone folks.
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PPR  Heartflowers
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I sent an email to the POTUS letting him know that when he is ready to move in and remove bad actors, even it it means that the offended ones will come out in droves and cause chaos, that we are ready for it. (They are already doing it even before their messiah is convicted)! He only needs to ask and allow.

We aren't afraid of the rioters, the fire bugs, the statue topplers, the history erasers or the animalistic mob mentality of mental midgets...we've had enough.

I may not be speaking for many of you, but I am speaking for many of us that have been holding our line and have been patiently waiting for enough people to be red pilled.

If anyone has trouble deciding which side they should be on, they are no longer our concern.

God Speed to the ones in the administration that have worked their butts off informing others and are working overtime to get Justice her day in court.
Thank you to all the Patriots that are doing their part in informing others.

I pray Justice gets her day...but we are ready if she is denied. And we are ready if they deny his second term.

[Image: 2ydPCrq.png] “Sometimes, you have to believe in what you can’t see in order to see past what you can.
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(06-24-2020, 03:22 PM)Nightstalker2.0 Wrote: [Image: 4qaknqf.jpg]

We just have to hold on to our matter what.

Do as the Apache tribe did...never let them take your firesticks.
[Image: 2ydPCrq.png] “Sometimes, you have to believe in what you can’t see in order to see past what you can.
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