The Constitution is a Trust Instrument :
(09-20-2022, 02:10 PM)Pipkunts Wrote: Comm Bank Australia- No Trust - Fraud vitiates everything.

  1. For domestic payments using a mobile phone number to recipients who are not registered users of the CommBank app, the maximum amount you can transfer per day is $500.

  2. For international payments using a mobile phone number, your existing daily international payment limit applies.

  3. For Tap & Pay payments made via a PayTag, a daily limit of $500 applies.

  4. For Tap & Pay payments, merchants or other financial institutions may impose payment limits or other restrictions on payments.

  5. For Cardless Cash withdrawals, a daily limit of $500 applies. Your existing daily payment limits will also apply, including the daily limit for transfers to a non-linked account (Cardless Cash withdrawals are considered NetBank transfers to a non-linked account).
Takes a whole month to get all the bills paid? Facepalm
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Luckey Me . $1,200 Daily Limit .

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Ah yes the budget.

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The problem is the budget is allocated.  But if you don't spent it, we must've given you too much.  So we'll curtail the "overage", and use it for something in the budget elsewhere that is experiencing a shortfall.  One of the worst cases of wasteful spending, since in order to not lose what is in the budget, money is wasted on things that are not even needed.  

It should be, that money not spent from the budget, will still be made available for some time when there is a rainy day.  Put back the unspent money and save it for later.  

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