Wear Your Damn Mask!!

Texas judge blocks governor’s ban on school mask mandates.
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UPDATE: Teen girl arrested for not wearing mask sues Wyoming Governor…
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Wearing a mask to prevent the spread of something you don’t even have is about like wearing a condom to practice safe sex.  Seems like there is a connection there somewhere.
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California county mandates masks in private homes for people not in same household.

Another brilliant useless idea brought to you by con artists in and out of the government.

Put a rope around the usual deep state suspects and end this crap.
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Airline passenger arrested for not wearing mask chants Let’s go Brandon!


Question:  Do you even need a mask on a pressured low humidity cabin?
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People ordered to mask up at home.

All the while, if you’re wondering whether all this COVID infrastructure—like the mandates and the passports—will be used for something else, in Canada, for the first time ever, a woman was just diagnosed with having “climate change.”

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(02-03-2021, 09:53 AM)Apache54 Wrote:
(02-03-2021, 01:30 AM)counterintelligence Wrote: What people who wear their mask look like:

[Image: 6C7218667-hth-130503-pacifier-baby.today-inline-med.jpg]

just wait and see what the double masks look like! LOL

They are now talking wearing 2 masks. HA HA

I think this is more of a sheeple test to see how gullible they really are. ANYONE who has any IQ and a mind of their own knows that statement from the top official is BOGUS and shows how stupid they must think we are.
My dog could put 2 doggy biscuits in its’ mouth at the same time.  Well at least it’s a start.

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