Let's discuss aliens (Old School CT stuff)
For those interested in applied theology towards ET, aliens, Paul Anthony Wallis, "The 5th Kind" has a very interesting take on the subject.

For an example, the word "Elohim" in the Old Testament has been incorrectly translated  into "God" where in actuality, its plural form means "The Higher Ones" or "Those From the Heavens."

His interpretation of the various "gods" in the Old Testament reveals multiple entities included with the Nephilim, the "Fallen Angles" playing God.

Cryptic Mole (=cm=) had great discussions about the Sumerians, the Annunaki and other entities portraying gods.
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Walter Bosley – Breakaway Consciousness (wordpress.com)


Walter Bosley – Origins – Emergence Of The Breakaway Civilization | Super Soldier Talk

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Stop with the UAP bs. It's UFO!

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Trying to confuse as usual because this went viral.
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(01-24-2023, 04:36 PM)wballz49@gmail.com Wrote: Man Finds Sphere...WFAA Reports - YouTube

You're new.  A total of three posts.  Two of which are about this video.

You've already made a thread on it.

Post it one more time and you're outta' here as a spammer.

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Bump Again...Heee...Heee...
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