World War 3 Nicaragua gives permission for Russian troops to enter country
Russia Preparing for ‘Big, Colossal War’ With NATO, Says Major General Russian state television has again pushed the idea that the war in Ukraine could escalate, with one guest warning that the world should be prepared for a “colossal” conflict involving NATO.

Programs on the channel Russia-1 have repeatedly promoted the prospect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine spreading beyond the country’s borders. On Wednesday, the host of Evening with Vladimir Solovyev revisited the theme, starting his show with a monologue in which he said he had a “feeling that we don’t fully understand the gravity of this moment.”

Solovyev questioned why a war, which while “intensive” is in “no way an extraordinary conflict” in global terms, “was causing “such a crazy reaction in the West?”

“Now they’re contemplating getting directly involved,” Solovyev said, referring to the West. With western aid to Ukraine a pet peeve for the show’s guests over the last few weeks, Solovyev said that the Baltic states, Poland, and the United Kingdom comprised an “entirely new alliance” that will get involved in the war, “and the rest of NATO will follow.”

One of the show’s panelists spoke about “NATO’s involvement in a nuclear arms race” which could lead to a “potential nuclear conflict.” Andrey Gurulyov, the State Duma deputy and former deputy commander of Russia’s southern military district, then weighed in, criticizing former NATO commander Wesley Clark this week for saying that the war in Ukraine “cannot be stopped without NATO intervention.”

“It’s better not to react or respond to his statements. A dog barks and the wind carries the noise,” Gurulyov said as he boasted that Russia could use up to “100 missiles per day” in Ukraine by the end of the year.
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Moscow Vows Response After US Bars Russian
Aircraft From Picking Up Russian Diplomats And
Families From The US - Pulling Diplomats And
Their Families Is A BAD Sign, Suggests War Near
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(06-23-2022, 07:36 PM)Wing-ed Wrote: Moscow Vows Response After US Bars Russian
Aircraft From Picking Up Russian Diplomats And
Families From The US - Pulling Diplomats And
Their Families Is A BAD Sign, Suggests War Near
Obiden will continue to poke the bear so we never see the swamp that is HIS Ukraine! Eyeroll

They've convinced the uninformed, once again that Russia is bad, U.S. corruption undetectable.  I've grown numb and am saddened by how blindly gullible the U.S. sheeple have become.  But they know Edward Scissorhands' girlfriend snorts coke in the courtroom.  Ask 'em to point out Ukraine on a globe...............................

"on a what?" Facepalm
My mind, a field of battles, struggles for peace in a tight place.
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(06-22-2022, 01:08 PM)Wing-ed Wrote:
(06-21-2022, 07:19 PM)Wing-ed Wrote: Russia Demands Lithuania Lift “Openly Hostile” Blockade of Kalingrad; Panic Buying Ensues The Russian Foreign Ministry has responded to Lithuania’s partial blockade of Kaliningrad, writing in a statement that they consider the “provocative measures” to be “openly hostile” and warning that the Kremlin may take action to “protect its national interests.”

Kaliningrad is sandwiched between the EU and NATO members Poland and Lithuania. Supplies from Russia are delivered via rail and gas pipelines through Lithuania – which announced last week that it was banning the rail transit of goods subject to EU sanctions, which include coal, advanced technology, metals and construction materials
Russia has explicitly WARNED Lithuania that unless unrestricted rail passage is restored to the Russian state of Kaliningrad, immediately, "Russia will take action" against Lithuania.
These words were written and handed to the charge d' affaires of Lithuania, who was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry to receive the written warning today.
The last time Russia warned a country they had "X" time to do something, was Ukraine.   Seven hours after being given that five hour deadline, the Russian Army entered Ukraine by force.
Situation Update, June 21, 2021 - NATO pushing for Kaliningrad CATASTROPHE by provoking Russia
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EU and NATO forming coalition ‘for war against Russia’ – The actions taken by the EU and NATO essentially amount to the formation of a “new coalition” targeting Russia, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told journalists on Friday, comparing the steps taken by Brussels to the actions of Nazi dictator Adolf Hilter before attacking the Soviet Union.

Moscow has “no illusions” about the prospect of “Russophobic sentiments” within the EU dissipating any time soon, Lavrov said. Russia will closely follow all the “real steps” taken by the bloc and its candidate states, he added in a probable reference to Ukraine, which was granted EU candidacy status on Thursday.

“Hitler rallied a significant part, if not most, of the European nations under his banner for a war against the Soviet Union,” the foreign minister said, adding that “now, the EU together with NATO are forming another – modern – coalition for a standoff and, ultimately, war with the Russian Federation.”

Lavrov’s remarks came just one day after he branded a proposal to assemble an international naval coalition to escort ships carrying Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea as an attempt to interfere in the region under the auspices of the UN. Such schemes are not needed to facilitate Ukrainian grain exports, he argued, adding that Moscow guarantees vessels security all the way to the Bosphorus Strait, a key Black Sea access channel controlled by Turkey.

Earlier this month, the minister also stated that Washington was seeking to use the conflict in Ukraine to deprive Russia of its independent status on the international arena and force it to play by rules set by the US. America and its allies will not succeed in such an endeavor, he warned at the time.

Russia attacked the neighboring state in late February, following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and French-brokered protocols were designed to give the breakaway regions special status within the Ukrainian state.

The Kremlin has since demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force.

The US and its allies reacted to the development by slapping Russia with an unprecedented number of sanctions, targeting its banking and finance sectors as well as aviation and space industries. The US and Canada put an embargo on oil and gas imports from Russia. The EU followed suit by introducing a partial embargo on Russian oil in early June.

The Western nations have also been supplying Ukraine with weapons since the start of the Russian military operation there.
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Nuclear Weapons Ready for Kaliningrad - Russia: "Time is running out - we are not even seconds away from World War III"

By Warnews 24/7

Translated from Greek
Tensions around the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad are escalating dangerously, with Russian journalist and Putin's spokesman Vladimir Soloviev stressing that "time is running out".

"We are no longer seconds away from World War III, the seconds are over," Soloviev said on the set of his evening show "The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev," threatening the West ahead of the NATO summit.

Soloviev essentially announced an increase in the level of readiness of Russia's nuclear deterrent strategic weapons.
He specifically said:

"We are not seconds away from World War III"

"I have the feeling that some westerners are watching our program very closely, believing that there are secret clues as to when and if we will hit them.

You do not really understand that we are no longer just seconds from World War III, but even those seconds are already over.

Russia is not aggressive. We are acting very rationally, which is evident from the fact that in 30 years we have managed to move from a country that has almost ceased to exist to a country that you are all afraid of.

And together you all try and fail to break us up.

Russia has superiority in its strategic weapons.

Our innate humanity prevents us from using them. But you can not forever rely on our humanity.

For those who watch and write about our programs, let me remind you that our programs are banned in the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries.

Beware, we have not even started with your countries. You understand how lucky you are that Putin is a very peaceful man.
We even help you in the fight against terrorism. You too;"

The crisis with Kaliningrad is escalating

Vladimir Soloviev, a Russian journalist, television presenter and writer, is launching threats in the wake of the Kaliningrad crisis.
World War II bequeathed to the Soviet Union this small (twice as large as Crete) territory of strategic importance, which was cut off from Russia after the collapse of the USSR. The rich, industrialized province found itself surrounded by NATO states.

The 2002 Agreement with the EU ensured seamless communication between Russia and the enclave, despite the fact that (two years later) the corridor between the always friendly Belarus and Kaliningrad, the Swalki Pass, was now within EU territory.

Today Kaliningrad is surrounded by countries that not only belong to the EU (Lithuania, Poland and on the other side of the Baltic, Sweden), but also to NATO.
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Would you expect an attack now...???

while in almost Civil War...???
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(06-24-2022, 10:00 AM)Wingsprint Wrote: Would you expect an attack now...???

while in almost Civil War...???
Would not be surprised if it was tonight ! Maybe we should start a pool ! Lmao
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(06-24-2022, 10:00 AM)Wingsprint Wrote: Would you expect an attack now...???

while in almost Civil War...???

It would sure grab folks' attention away from whether or not they can murder their babies!
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.  ~ Matthew 5:16 

Pray without ceasing.  Pray for our Constitutional Republic!  Pray for President Trump!  
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How America ends - Putin announces new BRICS global reserve currency to replace the dollar
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