Not that unusual?
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Want to become poop?

Here's how...

You'll only be competing with severe politics and others who want to be poop also...
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Does your church really need to be 501©(3)?

NO, according to the IRS it was already exempt.

But if your church signs on to it, it'll be under the supervision of the state.

This is where the politicians dictate what happens at the pulpit.

Churches would be perfect perveyors of the state religion, although this would be a violation of the First Amendment establishment of religion clause.
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[Image: ?]

Which leads back to this picture again.

Fraud-ci on the left, Bill Gates in the middle and Dr. Collins on the right.
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Charismatic models and what dangers they may hold.
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Prosperity gospel is a global epidemic compared to the corona virus planned-demic.
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Via Jim :

2700 evangelical pastors agreed to encourage their congregations to take the corona vax

A coalition of more than 2,700 high-profile evangelicals spanning the fields of science and religion have signed onto a statement billed “A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times,” which warns against the politicization of the new coronavirus and urges Christians to take appropriate action against it, including taking a vaccine when it’s ready.

[Image: 3FTRPrR.png][Image: on1tkoS.png]
Celebrating Over 30 Years as a " Designated Paper Terrorist "
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Do we really want a Bill Gates/WHO/Sore ass/Fraud-ci vax?

Already paralyzed and maimed several children in India.  India has sought charges of crimes against humanity, since they didn't need contact tracing to figure out who received the vax.  

Is signing onto Dr. Collins deal with the evangelicals, a suicide mission?
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