Not that unusual?
It's ok ... it's just a vaccine...

Dr Jim Francis Jones Collins just wants 27000 evangelical organizations to drink the vaccine cool aid.
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We have a comet to catch. Never mind we need a NASA spaceship to get there...we'll take the less expensive way to get aid...

Before earth is exterminated.
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Why vaccines?

Because they are unregulated.

And they'll be used by unregulated, unaccountable, unelected people who like doing bad things.

The vaccines that we'll be most likely mandated to take will be an ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON WITH INTENT TO KILL.
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Let's compare the scientist to the MyPillow guy.
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(08-23-2020, 07:47 AM)Heir Wrote: Via Jim :

2700 evangelical pastors agreed to encourage their congregations to take the corona vax

A coalition of more than 2,700 high-profile evangelicals spanning the fields of science and religion have signed onto a statement billed “A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times,” which warns against the politicization of the new coronavirus and urges Christians to take appropriate action against it, including taking a vaccine when it’s ready.


“Humanists do not believe in prayer, humanists do not believe that God intervenes, humanists do not believe that we need help from the Lord at all. That may be one of the reasons he could easily recommend that churches be closed, but he fumbled and waffled when they suggested perhaps the protests should be curtailed because they spread the virus,” he asserted.

Do not trust the medical or political establishment.  Ron Paul with guest RFK, Jr.

Nephew of President John F. Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy, and tireless crusader against the tyranny of the mainstream medical establishment, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins today's Liberty Report to discuss his startling discoveries about who really killed his father and uncle...and why. Plus, Mr. Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, has been among the most vocal and most successful opponents of the mainstream medical establishment, driven by big Pharma to inoculate and medicate everything that moves. He tells the Liberty Report how he very reluctantly decided to dedicate his career to fighting the mandatory vaccines that have resulted in so many documented injuries to the recipients.
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[Image: kenneth-copeland-evil.jpg]
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Frontline Doctors speak out against Corona bull shit narrative.

Removed from youtube quickly and Bill Gates said that social media didn't police content quickly enough.
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Epstein didn't kill himself, and he wasn't taken out either.

His little lollita island is getting upgrades.

[Image: epsteinisland1.jpg]

The communists are going to shove Trump out of the way and business as usual will return for them even if it doesn't return for the rest of us.  -- Jim Stone
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Bill Gates wants to make a vaccine that promotes killing off the God gene that causes us to have a belief in God.  Probably had help from Dr. Collins with his gene research.

If he is successful as a god complex charismatic idiot are we going to forget about worshipping some kind of god deity thing even if Bill Gates claims to be a god?

I had no interest in stopping to kneel to any kind of god complex idiot like Bill Gates that removed my ability to have a belief in any god real or imagined.

Wonder how far that'll go...but no doubt it would completely disconnect from any god...
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Evangelicals see religion as overly political.

Is it the 501©(3) status?
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