Not that unusual?
What happens when you've been preaching a health and wealth prosperity gospel?

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[Image: 7890113_121314924852.jpg]

When you finally go, you get a really nice burial plot that most people can't afford.

All this after claiming to have died and come back to life three times while at the same time seeing both heaven and hell (which isn't possible). Begins to create a situation that health is a portal to the nether world and without it, can't get there. So remember to give until hurts and then give some more.

[Image: 480px-Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg_2016_portrait.jpg]

Claims to have fought cancer several times. But now she will definitely rest in peace. No more coming back to the bench. And no allowing her to vote either.
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Charismania is tied to Eastern Mysticism.

[Image: kundalini01.gif]


Using Mantra or repetitious "tongues" or music to produce kundalini.

If the kundalini is to be awakened by means of this yoga then it is essential that the guru gives consciousness or ``chaitanya'' to the mantra. This consciousness can be viewed as the cit-shakti-kundalini. Through repetition of the mantra the cit-shakti-kundalini of the mantra resonates with the cit-shakti-kundalini of the student and in this way the student's kundalini is awakened. In the context of the Church, repetitious tongues for long lengths of time or repetitious songs can awaken kundalini.

[b]The dangers of awakening kundalini.[/b]

[b]Breathing practices and the breath or prana is strongly interdependent on the mind. If one begins to actively control the breath then the mind will be affected. Unfortunately, with incorrect practice rather than bringing the mind to a greater state of equanimity the breath control practices can also create even greater imbalances in the mind.[/b]
Quote:[b]"Typical signs of this are extreme agitation and anxiety. In the panorama of human suffering there is probably no greater suffering than that of a mentally unbalanced individual and no sadder example of this than someone who has actually brought a state of mental imbalance onto himself through improper practice of kundalini yoga"
"When the Kundalini awakens, tremendous power is unleashed. The resulting expansion of consciousness affects every element of our being, from our biological functions to our personal relationships to our concept of reality to our influence in the world. We are irrevocably changed in ways we could not have imagined and in ways we may never fully comprehend. "
"A Kundalini release can be triggered by meditation, yoga, prayer, bodywork, psychedelic drugs, a life crisis (such as extreme physical or emotional trauma, a near-death experience or the death of a loved one), childbirth, menopause, certain ascetic or sexual practices, and so forth. Kundalini can also awaken spontaneously from no apparent cause."
"I have heard story after story of disastrous results when individuals with awakened Kundalini tried to force the process in any way."

And the corona virus makes it to where you have to consciously breathe, but you are fighting something that is relentlessly building up in your lungs.

This process almost involves some demonic power.

[Image: kathrynkhulman.jpg]

Kathyrn Kulman using the tricks of the trade.

Did the Greeks have chakras?
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The corona virus has become a matter of health and wealth prosperity gospel?

In this time of a simulated war exercise?
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The local charismatic church is having a revival.

Better send somebody over to check on it. Chuckle

Don't want to lose any self-control.

From creatures of the night.
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This thread over at TF started out as a thread trying to decipher why there is so much connection between the charismatics and the health and wealth prosperity gospel.  And how these charismatics are not even doctors.  But we also discovered that there were strong connections between people in high places in religious and political power circles.

This link is now dead,, but it included some juicy bits.  Wish this article was still up, it was a good read.

The article seems to indicate that religion was just as involved as the government in destroying the education system:

He conducted evangelistic and healing crusades across the United States and around the world, claiming he could raise the dead. In November 1947, Roberts started Healing Waters, a monthly magazine to promote his meetings. That these events coincide with the formation of the CIA must be a mere chance since according to Oral Roberts own account a Bible fell open, he bought a Buick, and God appeared, directing him to heal the sick.

And people mysteriously died at these tent revivals? But these tent meetings were meant to help the people coming back from the ravages of the World War? Charismatic leaders of both the political and the religious are hazardous to your health?

While Hitler was still causing trouble, the Nazi like Bellamy salute to the flag was still in use until 1942.  The traditions of Hitler have been carried out by Hitler's only begotten son, George Sorry Ass.  George Sorry Ass was a Jew under the command of Hitler to rob his fellow Jews of their possessions, because they'll most likely end up in the shower or the oven.  
[Image: Bellamy_salute_1915-1024x578.jpg]

Then there were many tragedy that happen to the Roberts clan.

The speeding ticket going down the highway drunk at 90mph in a Mercedes was one.

But another was a plane crash involving his daughter/son-in-law and a few prominent bankers which led the delusioned Roberts to build the City of Faith.  Roberts had an influence on government...

And government had an influence on him.

However, when he built the City of Faith, on the ORU campus in the direct vicinity of the airport (the airport was there first), on the ironic basis of a plane crash.  The city fathers had some problems with this new hospital.  Unlike today, there was not a need for such a grand hospital.  And Roberts couldn't even pay for it.  And needed money to build it, and how God was going to kill him if it wasn't built.  After it was built he delusion ally saw a 700 foot Jesus standing up against it.  There was even a Supreme Court case about what Constitutional rights might be violated to demand this new hospital be completely staffed.

Only after 10 years, did this monstrosity go bankrupt.  

The author of this piece comes to the conclusion of:
Cha-ching! Oral Roberts son-in-law was longtime partners with the father of Dru Mobley-Hammer. The “plane crash” happened in 1977. Dru and Michael Armand Hammer would marry eight years later. Armand Hammer died in 1990 with Douglas Mobley by his side, and his estate fell under the control of Dru (Michael Armand Hammer appears to be a pawn in this game) who diverted funds through the Cayman Islands to and from Oral Roberts University among other “Christian” organizations. It’s mentioned earlier that Douglas Mobley is a former banker turned lay preacher. Those professions are mutually exclusive or should be.

Which he describes who the Hammer people are. And that there was a recent addition to the ORU campus named after the Hammers and somehow Hammers are also somehow related to Joyce Meyer.

Maybe there was a financial reason for the plane crash, and the NTSB never came up with a reason for the crash, other than just that it was a single engine pilot flying a multi-engine airplane.  Well hell, it went from Aspen, Colorado back to Tulsa, but crashed nose down engines going full throttle in the farmer's field in Anthony, Kansas.  Apparently he knew enough to go most of the way back.  There was some weather en route that may have contributed, but the story may never be told.

And while Kenneth Copeland was Oral Roberts' pilot, he was more influenced not by Roberts, but by Kenneth Hagin.

Then we have the Frankfurt school of Cultural Marxism.
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Rhema a brother in the charismatic circle had its' own version of the City of Faith.

Christmas light tour helicopters land on Rhema campus in lieu of better arrangements.

Council sets limits on helicopters:

An ordinance on the books for the last 25 years, in the city that harbors this place:

The newspaper doesn't show this as occurring at Rhema or that the city council was involved in trying to make the arrangements, but the minutes just barely show that it was on the Rhema campus. The city council didn't do their homework, and towards the end of the minutes, the Vice Mayor gets upset at the schoolchildren (even though all ages are present), because the schoolchildren should've been at home doing their homework (sounds like the recent event), What exactly did the schoolchildren do (although we know what they did in the fight scene)? Officers may also have to be called out to resolve the issue (also familiar sounding). The ordinance roughly reads that anyone wanting to take a ride in a helicopter in our city is going to end up in the hospital (but that's the whole health and wealth prosperity gospel isn't it?) Maybe after the fight they needed to call out the helicopter to land on the Rhema campus to take any injured victims to the hospital? I'm confused.  1dunno1  Is it profound that they were supposed to be using the helipad at the hospital?

City Council Minutes May 1, 1995 pages 4-5

The council considered a request from the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce to utilize a portion of Veterans Park to accomodate helicopter rides during the Rooster Days celebration, May 16, through May 21, and to establish May 9 through May 11, 1996 as "Rooster Days 1996", Mr. Bruce Switzer stated Corporate Helicopters of Sand Springs has presented a proposal to offer helicopter rides during Rooster Days, and has met with City Gardener David Blue about the site. Mr. Switzer continued this firm has $10 million in liability insurance and will name the city and the Chamber as additional insureds. He explained the rides will cost $10.00 per person, versus the $60.00 these rides normally cost.

In response to a concern expressed by Councilman Carter, a representative of the helicopter company, Mr. Redmon, stated the ingress/egress path the helicopters will use should minimize the noise, in addition to the fact they adhere to the prescribed approaches recommended by Bell Helicopter, a major helicopter supplier. He continued that the other solutions are to take off into the wind and turn the tail rotors away form the residential areas. He added the helicopter will hold the pilot and four passengers, and that the company hopes to try this as a pilot program this year.

Councilman Miller asked whether the overhead power lines on the property to the south are a concern. Mr. Redmon stated they would not be, as they will not take off into that area. Vice Mayor Townsend asked what the hours of operation would be. Mr. Redmon stated the flights would be suspended at 9:00 p.m. each night of the festival.

City Manager John Vinson stated that since the Fire Chief and Police Chief have not yet reviewed the plan, he would like to table this item until a special meeting he plans to propose for May 8, 1995. He also suggested the helicopter be flown into the site for the Public Safety chiefs and the City Council to observe. Mr. Redmon stated he would try to contact another helicopter company to see if they will have a helicopter in the area for this kind of demonstration. Councilman Carter inquired what measures are taken to protect children from the helicopter blades. Mr. Redmon responded that all ground personnel are in radio contact with each other so they may react quickly to any situation, that all passengers are escorted to and from the helicopter, and that there will be two to three spotters in the crowd. He added the landing area would be staked with banners, with a 40' square cordoned off and having only one entrance and exit point.

Councilman Petrik asked what the impact of the noise would be on the grandstand activities, and added he would like to see a demonstration in the park before he votes on this item. Councilman Miller asked whether there have been any complaints received on the television helicopters which land to cablecast ball games. Mr. Redmon these complaints are rare. Motion by Petrik, second by Townsend, to table this request until a special meeting to be held May 8, 1995.

Aye: Reynolds, Townsend, Petrik, Carter, Miller

Nay: None

Motion carried.

Concerning the request to declare May 9 through May 11, 1996 as the official dates of the 1996 festival, Mr. Switzer stated these dates have been primarily dictated by the availability of school bands, and that these dates precede graduation by one week, which should be beneficial. He added Sunday activities may be requested at a later date.

Motion by Petrik, second by Townsend, to approve the request to designate May 9 through May 11, 1996 as "Rooster Days 1996."

Aye: Reynolds, Townsend, Petrik, Carter, Miller

Nay: None

Motion carried.

The Council considered an appointment to fill a vacancy on the Broken Arrow Hospital Authority.

Motion by Petrik, second by Carter, to reappoint Mr. Bill Baldwin to the Broken Arrow Hospital Authority for an additional three-year term, from April 1995, to April 1998.
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Broken Arrow City Council November 20, 1995 Page 7

The Council considered a request for a waiver of Ordinance 6-142 to allow the placement of a temporary building at the Broken Arrow Medical Center. The City Manager reviewed the background material, and stated the building will be associated with a helicopter landing pad for Christmas light tours. He added the permit is requested for the time period of November 24 through December 31, 1996.

Councilman Petrik mentioned the fact that this is the second company which will be doing the helicopter light tours, and stated his concern about possible conflicts in the air between the two. Mr. Vinson stated the other company will be flying from Larry Miller Chevrolet. There were no representatives of the helicopter company present. Mr. Vinson stated the companies must go through the FAA to get clearance for the flights, so there is FAA oversight implicit in the two operations.

Motion by Miller, second by Carter, to approve the request with the condition that a letter from the Medical Center allowing use of the helicopter pad be submitted with the temporary trailer permit and the entire event be forwarded to the Special Events Committee for their approval.

Aye: Reynolds, Petrik, Carter, Miller

Nay: None

Motion carried

City Council Minutes April 1, 1996 page 12

The Council considered the following preview ordinances:

An ordinance amending the Broken Arrow Code by creating Section 3.5-1 et seq., regulating airports, heliports, take-offs and landings within the city limits of Broken Arrow, providing for enforcement, repealing all ordinances to the contrary, and declaring an emergency.

The City Attorney gave the background, noting the first ordinance addresses heliports and allows the City to regulate take-offs and landings only of helicopters operating within City limits. The City Attorney suggested a fourth exception under 3.5-2 could be added for unscheduled events.

Elouise Whitson of West Midway, citing noise and safety concerns, read a letter requesting the Council prohibit all helicopter pads within 2,500' of any residential area, including temporary landing areas, such as those for Christmas tours, with the exception of hospitals or emergency uses.

Councilman Miller mentioned that under Section 3.5-3, surrounding property owners would be notified. He suggested the requirement of notifying residents within a 300' radius should also apply, as it does in zoning cases. The Acting City Manager and City Attorney agreed the preview ordinance would be amended to require this notification and will be brought back to the Council at the next meeting.

Excerpt of Broken Arrow City Council minutes, dated November 18, 1996:

The Council considered the special event application of Action Helicopters for holiday light tours from Jim Glover Dodge, 2920 North Aspen Avenue. City Manager John Vinson presented the background. Vice Mayor Townsend stated she is not a fan of helicopter tours because of the disruption caused to neighbors living around the Rhema Campus. She believes conducting the tours for three weeks, and until 10:00 p.m. on school nights is too long and too late.

Mr. Dennis Dorsey, Director of Operations and Vice President of Action Helicopters, stated the Police Department rode with his company last year and determined the noise from a helicopter flying at 500 feet is minimal from the ground, and that the noise complaints received last year were generated by another company operating from the Rhema Campus. He stated his company has been doing light tours in Tulsa for the past seven years, and that 1,000 people took the Broken Arrow tours last year. He added the flight path could be adjusted to stay closer to Elm Place and away from the residential areas. Mr. Dorsey informed the Council that contact will be made nightly with the FAA at Tulsa International Airport while the tours are being conducted, and that the minimum distance above ground level they are permitted to fly at is 300'. He continued that gentle turns will be executed to keep flap noise down, and the helicopters, which will be stored at the dealership, carry one pilot and four passengers. Mr. Dorsey stated that their average shut-down time last year in Broken Arrow was 9:00 to 9:15 p.m. He added that safety features are emphasized, including a 150 pound, wheeled fire extinguisher on site, which all personnel are trained to use, and that their equipment is U.S. Forest Department approved. Mr. Dorsey stated the tours will last four minutes each.

Councilman Miller stated the complaints he received last year concerned landing and take-off noise from the Rhema site, and that more control may be exercised by the City if the operator is in Broken Arrow and the City sends officers out to talk to them. He stated the city will have to deal with helicopters whether this application is approved or not. There were no protestants present.

Councilman Carter stated that adjusting the flight path to follow Elm Place and flying at 500' should minimize any problems.

Motion by Miller, second by Carter, to approve the request of Action Helicopters to conduct take-offs and landings from 2920 North Aspen Avenue for their holiday lights tours beginning December 5, 1996 through December 31, 1996 from dusk to 10:00 p.m., except on Sundays, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Approval is subject to their meeting all requirements of the Police, Fire, and Inspections Departments during set-up, a copy of Action's certificate of insurance being furnished to the Administrative Services Director's office, and a permit being obtained for the trailer to be moved on site and used as a waiting area.

Aye: Reynolds, Carter, Miller

Nay: Townsend, Petrik

Motion carried.
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I wonder what's going on here? AH...just another day of the same old, same old for this place...First time in 40 years that anything like this has happened...I think not...same place, same event.

A ~100 teenagers in a brawl at the annual Christmas lights display:

As a result, they will be stepping up security:

Then after that happens only 2 days later, the great grandson of the founder gets sentence reduction from 8 years of prison time down to only 7 more years of Department of Corrections Probation along with 2 other guys for a drive by shooting early last year. The trio serves less than 1 year in prison.

Court documents/proceedings:

Were the ~100 teenagers throwing a protest after the first weekend of the lights being turned on, in favor of helping get the great grandson's sentence reduced? This would seem rather odd. Was this a flash mob?

Meanwhile, last year the kid consulted somebody who admired his great grandfather's teachings, a former District Attorney, who was also trying to run for the Republican candidates in the 2018 race to represent Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Obviously, the District Attorney is operating under the influence of Rhema, while they are also received their law degree at Oral Roberts University.  (He didn't win it either).

This same District Attorney didn't prosecute a sexual offender who was a youth pastor at yet another church operating under Rhema's toxic influence:
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Just what is this healing stuff anyway?

Why the Brownsville Revival was a demonic revival, run by Satan’s servants.

We are currently in the Corona virus Revival.

This article’s title may seem extreme, but Christians MUST scrutinize the spiritual nature of the so-called Brownsville Revival, (also known as the Pensacola Outpouring or Father’s Day Outpouring). This event was heralded as a crowning achievement by many Apostles and Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult. They claim this revival came from God Himself.

Furthermore, NAR Apostles like Michael Brown used this event as if it had a greater authority than scripture itself to justify his NAR-centered theology, arrogantly calling that which was demonic, of God.

The proof is in what they say and teach. Firstly, Apostles of the NAR attribute the origins of this revival not to God but to David Yonggi Cho, a dangerous false teacher (and a good friend of Apostle Michael Brown). Cho listened to a demon who gave him ‘pagan’ revelation (Japanese Buddhism) under the guise of Christian doctrine – this demonic entity speaking to Cho audibly. It was through this spirit’s revelations that Cho boasts of his extra-biblical revelations which he calls the teachings of the Fourth Dimension, on which he built his church (not Jesus).

And it is through this demonic spirit that he prophesied the Toronto Blessing and the Pensacola Outpouring.

David Yonggi Cho and Ken Sumrall’s “prophecy” over Pensacola
For further proof of this anti-Christian revival, Ps Chris Rosebrough from Pirate Christian Radio has reviewed numerous sermons from this cult-like, man-made, heavily orchestrated event. He proves without a shadow of a doubt that its origins are demonic, an event that continually twisted God’s Word, blasphemed the name of Jesus and prophesied falsely in the name of God. In this article, we have compiled all of Ps Chris Rosebrough’s sermon reviews about the Brownsville Revival. These reviews will be of great assistance to those who are questioning the legitimacy of the Brownsville Revival and ‘Apostle’ Michael Brown’s legitimacy as a Christian voice.
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