Not that unusual?
Do government handouts get you out of poverty?  Somebody had to pay for that free handout, so it's not free.

They like living high on the hog on the biggest government welfare program, while giving you a few scraps to not notice.

Charismania on the other hand, is give until it hurts, and then give some more.

Contrasting philosophies.
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Might be an interesting read if I haven't posted it already.   Scratchinghead

Charisma vs charismania.

Seems as if charismania runs the whole Bible from genesis to revelation in one swoop.  That miracles that proved who the Christ was to the jews still occurs through the church with the gentiles.  Only problem is, that the jews are the holdup.
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[Image: 4311651340_9e00cf04cf.jpg]
[Image: a56bc0273d8681a10549d7b8c9c5f9cb.jpg]


[Image: WiZwaWQ9QXBp]
[Image: klaus-schwabb_Inarticle.jpg]

We only need all of that when we are preaching the gospel of money.

Our health, wealth, and prosperity, just like the typical charismatic, not yours!
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Not many charismania leaders who started tent revivals were ever in the middle of the ravages of war to the populace they were addressing.  Maybe some of the people at tent revivals stayed at home wondering when their husband service men were ever coming back home again.

Reinhardt Bonnke had suffered the ravages of war down in Africa.  He had also did some crusading in Africa.

Think I had mentioned him on TF, but haven't brought him over here to BTF.

The HBO special made a connection between Benny Hinn and Reinhard Bonnke in that they had both been refugees, though Bonnke clearly had the worst of it. HBO had a scientific study that showed that refugee children can grow up with a need for power. I suspect that this is probably not the whole picture but certainly part of their psychological landscape. Bonnke saw many terrible things in his youth and I'm sure it gave him more compassion for refuges, the poor and the persecuted. But there also seems to be a great need in him to try to be a sort of "savior" in the flesh. This probably stems from a vision that was presented to him as a young boy.

"A visitor who was present reported that she had a vision in which she saw a small boy with thousands of black humans following him. To Reinhard, whose favorite reading besides the Bible consisted of biographies of mission, this vision was of interest. One year afterwards, at eleven years old, Reinhard experienced the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" after his father had preached on the subject. Reinhard kneeled down with others to receive the spirit baptism, of which Bonnke said "the strength of God poured over me and into me inside. An inexpressible joy filled my heart, and I began to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave me utterance." 3 (emphasis mine)

These types of visions guided his entire ministry from that point on. Later Bonnke would have another vision.

"He saw a map of Africa, which had blood poured all over it, which Bonnke interpreted as the blood of Jesus, and that Africa would be cleaned: there would be a blood-washed Africa. In addition Bonnke heard a voice which he interpreted as that of the Holy Spirit that said "Africa will be saved".4 (emphasis mine)

We all hope and pray for many souls to be saved in Africa, but Africa is hardly likely to be completely saved, and is not to this day. Also, the blood of Jesus Christ is shed for people, not continents. Nevertheless, the point is that Reinhard went to South Africa on the basis of these kinds of visions.
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What we will find on Hunter's laptop?

[Image: SyZwaWQ9QXBp]

Surprise surprise SURPRISE!

[Image: 1647214835-Greg-Reese-Klaus-Schwab-amp-H...nected.jpg]
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Wef is a product of a Harvard cia program headed up by Henry Kissinger that uses Klaus Schwab as the leader to bring about one world disorder.

Dr. Klaus Schwab or: How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn. This is the amazing story behind the real men who recruited Klaus Schwab, who helped him create the World Economic Forum, and who taught him to stop worrying and love the bomb.
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US senate to vote on disrespect for marriage bill (as in other than heterosexual unions and more for all the other 33 genders).  Several groups says it is unconstitutional.  Same old gay marriage bag.  The groups think that it'll be struck down by the supremes if passed.

The demoncrats don't follow any reasonable law, they only write laws to disenfranchise any law they wouldn't follow anyways.

People like this who came on board under the Biden administration

[Image: 0625rachellevine_sc.jpg?la=en&hash=DFB44...4FD83718DC]

Is their excuse for passing this bill?
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CCP leader responsible for terrorizing Falon Gong practioners has died at 96.  Will the persecution stop or just keep going?   Scratchinghead
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Our Constitution was meant to protect the rights of all, but we can't protect the rights of the criminal they have none.
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So our leaders are sending our tax dollars over to ukraine to save the bio labs that have profited then during the transfer of wealth that occurred during the planneddemic.  But Biden connected with the bio labs is siding with Russia to take over Ukraine?


Clear as mud.
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